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Friday, November 5, 2021

Good News and Hope! Let's Take Back Our Country!

The midterms are coming and this pro-life woman is running to be a senator from Pennslvania. Barnette is a conservative, a home schooling mom. She was also conceived in rape and understands the value of all human life. Think about the pro-abortion EMILY's list (Early Money Is Like Yeast.) Early prayers are even more so. Let's start praying for Kathy Barnette and support her campaign. It's time to take back our country from the godless liberals who hate us, who consider us "deplorables," who want to instill their evil ideas in our children. Visit Barnette's website. I'm sending a donation, a Mass, and a letter of support. May God bless her as she fights for her family and ours. Visit her site.

And now a second piece of good news! You know all about the Texas heartbeat bill, right? Texas just gave us another big gift. 

Texas passes amendment to state constitution barring future church closings

On Tuesday Texans voted overwhelmingly (by over 60%) in favor of proposition 3. Here's a brief summary of the amendment to the state constitution:
  • Prohibits government agencies and officials from issuing orders that close or have the effect of closing “churches, congregations, and places of worship” in Texas.
  • Further secures the Texas Freedom to Worship Act, passed during the 87th Regular Session, by preserving it in the Texas Constitution.
  • “Place of worship” is defined in Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code Section 110 to include non-church buildings or grounds where religious activities are conducted.
Go Pennsylvania (where I went for 8th grade and high school)!

Go Texas where my son and his family live!

Ora et labora. The not-so-silent majority is on the move. Pray the rosary in thanksgiving!


Mary's Child Mariann said...

Wow! She defies every leftist, lib, democrat, media propagandist talking point there is. God bless her Mother, her family and all that she appears to be working for--U.S.A.! THANKS FOR SHARING, AND GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, TOO!

Unknown said...

Great post!
Although many Protestants are generally against abortion, they find some abortion acceptable, rape being their main argument. It’s so hard to turn a Protestants heart on this. Videos like this, showing both the mom is healed with the birth, but also showing a person alive, who would have been otherwise murdered, speaking to you is powerful.