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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

VIRGINIA VICTORY! Don't Be Like the Nine Ungrateful Lepers; Say Thank You to Your Mother!

The Diocese of Arlington began a Novena to Our Lady for the election on October 25th. During that time I attended Mass at several different parishes and each consistently said the Memorare for the election after Sunday and daily Masses. Praise be to God!

I have no doubt whatsoever that Mary's intercession made the most difference in this election between a blasphemous bad Catholic, a professional politician, and an ethical Christian outsider, a businessman who regularly gives to charity. 

During his speech last night, McAuliffe once again declared his zealous commitment to murdering little ones in the womb. Youngkin is not pro-life, despite the claims. He supports exceptions for rape, incest, and life of the mother, all of which lead to open abortion. But Youngkin is not an abortion zealot and we need to start educating him. Reagan changed, so can Youngkin. I'm having a Mass said for him and our new Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General.  I will also be writing him a letter. 

I urge all pro-lifers to begin praying at least one Hail Mary every day for the new administration which will not mandate the deathvax or zealously pursue the murder of our children. 

Our new Lieutenant Governor, Winsome Sears is pro-life and has a 100% pro-life record. Meet her and rejoice. May God use her also to influence the governor. 

Abortion is the greatest threat to the black family that exists. Planned Parenthood's eugenic policies attack minorities. Margaret Sanger wanted to eliminate the "human weeds" she saw around her including blacks, Catholics, the "feebleminded," etc. She lives today as the goddess of the Democrat party. If any ethical Democrats are reading this, flee your evil party! God will never bless those who champion sins that cry to Him for vengeance

Let's rejoice today, but never stop working for the good, the true and the beautiful through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother. Let Jesus never ask any of us, "Where are the other nine." Let's be first in line to run to Mary and her Son to say, "Thank you!"

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee.


Andrew Dunn said...

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the news this morning. I was expecting a pre-rigged election where McCauliff was already guaranteed the victory. In all probability, there was voter fraud - especially in the metro DC area - so McCauliff likely lost by a greater percentage. And, I LOVE your new Lt. Governor!

Congratulations to you Mary Ann and everyone in Virginia. May the new administration move the state closer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary and farther away from the rotten fruits of freemasonry.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

As I was going to bed just before 1:00 a.m. I said to my husband, "For the first time in forever I actually can celebrate voting for candidates who won! Thank you, Blessed Mother, for your intercession and for all those who worked hard to achieve this goal. I told numerous people that if McAuliffe won, Virginia was finished. I'm glad to see us get a reprieve. Now we need to make our state the most moral, pro-life state in the country! Viva Cristo Rey!

Aqua said...

I like her for many reasons - she is a Marine; she is a mother in an intact family, proud husband also a Marine; proudly, boldly conservative; she does not use her race as a wild card, it just is. The main reason I like her is that in her post-victory summation she gave glory to Jesus Christ. That is the gold standard as far as I’m concerned. The awakening proceeds apace. Perhaps we will see the 2020 Election Steal as the Leftists’ Gettysburg: the high water point - the long retreat as their* fully engaged enemy will now never rest until total surrender. There is a long way to go.

I love how you frame this, however. Don’t be ungrateful. Give thanks to God and to our Queen and enduring patronage for what comes next - farther, faster.

* their = leftists and Alynskyite Bolsheviks

Unknown said...

Mary Ann,
This brings up a point in a recent conversation I have with a fallen Catholic who believes Mary is just another person (nothing special).
Although he is well studied in the King James bible (but therefore a protestant who believes that if it's not in the bible it cannot be part of Christs' teachings - his church is one of those guitar, ripped blue jean preacher church's - their pews are actually very good movie theatre seats!!), he believes the Vatican is the whore of Babylon, and all the typical protestant lies and garbage.
In any case he denies Mary's special place (not immaculate, nor an ark of the new Covenant) and considers her just another person.
I would appreciate if you can share (or re-share) your knowledge of Mary, the Bible and how to bring Protestants back to the Church with this understanding.

Where do I start? It seems you may be much more knowledgeable than I in these matters.
Maybe you can post a blog to us of why we believe in things about Mary that are not written in the Bible.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Unknown. I will happily do a blog post on Mary. It all begins with the Jewish tradition. God gave Moses the Ten Commandments. Can anyone imagine Jesus failing to follow the Commandments including the fourth, "Honor your mother and father?" He wants us to venerate (NOT WORSHIP) His mother. She leads us straight to Him. "Do whatever He tells you," is her default position. And she IS spoken of in the Bible in addition to the New Testament. Isaiah tells us, "The virgin will be with child." I'll give some thought to this, but there are many books available. Tan has some great ones. I have an entire shelf of books about Mary and Marian apparitions. Taking her hand like a little child takes his mother's hands is the surest and fastest way to be united to Christ. She leads us straight to Him!

Aqua said...

In reference to “unknown’s” fallen away Catholic friend who sees Mary, Queen of Heaven and earth, as “just another person”.

I travelled in that crowd all my life. I know it well. I know where it comes from. Everything. Here’s my two cents on this core Dogma:

Original sin. It starts with that. Why does everyone born inherit original sin from Eve? She chose rebellion, ego over submission. She paid the penalty as did every one of her heirs - forever. Unfair? It’s a fact. Our primal mother broke communion with Almighty God. She and all her children were doomed from that moment. Sin cannot coexist with Holy God. Sorry, that’s just an existential fact.

But … God is a merciful God, who IS Love. So He, in His infinite wisdom and mercy provided a way of escape from our doom. And it involved a partnership between the Divine and His highest immortal creation, mankind. Eve, woman, broke communion. Mary, Woman, re-established communion. Eve said No. Mary said Yes. Eve said “God didn’t really say … “. Mary said “Let it be done unto me according to Thy will”. Eve took the apple ff the tree. Mary put it back. Eve separated mankind from God. Mary reunited mankind with God. Eve was miraculously created by God from the side of Adam. Jesus was miraculously conceived and born of the Virgin Mary.

Everything that led to sin and death was reversed by Mary and the incarnation of Jesus Christ. Mary and Jesus are intimately connected to Eve and Adam. It is all contained in the first Biblical prophecy in Genesis (Genesis 3:15 - DRB interprets she, not he, and that is important).

It HAD to be through Woman. In the Divine economy, it really could be no other way. Woman made her sin right again. God made Mary like Eve, without sin and full of Grace. Eve rejected Grace. Mary embraced it.

And so - just as all are dead in sins from their first parents Adam and Eve, so now all who die to the world they gave us and choose Mary’s Yes are alive in their new spiritual parents Jesus Christ and Mary.

We are born of a man and a woman. That is how God ordained it from the beginning after His first creation. How can a Christian be born again without a father AND a mother? A reversal of all that was sinful and full of death - that is the Gospel story. Baptism and conversion brings righteousness and eternal life with God Almighty and His holy Queen of Heaven and earth (Rev 12:1)

Catechist Kev said...

Hi, Mary Ann! :^)

No doubt, a wonderful win for Virginia and the Pro-Life movement. (Thank you Our Lady of the Holy Rosary!)

May I reply to "Unknown" above about the Blessed Mother's role in the Church and for the salvation of souls? (Mr./Miss "Unknown", Mary Ann will vouch for me.)

It can get rather lengthy, Unknown. Maybe privately emailing me would help?

If you are comfortable with it - please email me at:

I can give you a synopsis and recommend excellent materials on the Blessed Mother and her role in Our Blessed Lord's Kingdom.

God love you!