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Saturday, November 27, 2021

It's not just abortion any more. The "Vax" is killing babies in the womb!

The carnage of deaths to unborn babies following COVID-19 shots into pregnant women just gets worse the more we investigate it.

Vancouver Hospital Has 13 Stillborn Deaths in 24 Hours:
On average they would see 1 stillborn death a month. 3 dulas have reported that there were 13 stillborn deaths in a 24 hour period of women who had taken the experimental injection. The media is not reporting this. Big pharma looks after the media and the media is silent.

The media and the hospital are calling it a hoax, but one more doctor is revealing the truth. Watch the video here. Two medical doctors were involved in the protest both of whom are being de-platformed. (What else is new!)

2,620 Dead Babies in VAERS After COVID Shots – More Fetal Deaths in 11 Months than Past 30 Years Following ALL Vaccines as Scotland Begins Investigation:
Fetal deaths following COVID-19 shots injected into pregnant women continue to increase, as there are now 2,620 fetal deaths reported in VAERS (the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System).
When we run the exact same search in VAERS and exclude the COVID-19 shots, we find 2,225 fetal deaths following ALL vaccines injected into pregnant women for the past 30+ years. (Source.)
We are currently on pace to see a yearly total of 2,838 recorded fetal deaths following COVID-19 shots, while the yearly average of recorded fetal deaths following the vaccination of pregnant women for the past 30 years has been an average of 74 fetal deaths per year.

Watch the video interview with the funeral director in Scotland. Scroll to the end of the article and listen to his devastating testimony about the increase in newborn deaths and miscarriages as well as the increase in young people dying from the vaccines. He calls for other undertakers to speak out who are seeing the death certificates and know what is happening.  

How many little ones will die to line the pockets of big pharma. Did you know that Pfizer paid out $2.3 BILLION in fines in 2009 for bribing doctors? Check out the article. Here's just a bit:

Authorities called Pfizer a repeat offender, noting it is the company’s fourth such settlement of government charges in the last decade. The allegations surround the marketing of 13 different drugs, including big sellers such as Viagra, Zoloft, and Lipitor.

As part of its illegal marketing, Pfizer invited doctors to consultant meetings at resort locations, paying their expenses and providing perks, prosecutors said.

“They were entertained with golf, massages, and other activities,” said Mike Loucks, the U.S. attorney in Massachusetts.

Loucks said that even as Pfizer was negotiating deals on past misconduct, they were continuing to violate the very same laws with other drugs.

This reporting didn't come from the de-platformed alternative media targeted by big media. Nope, it came from NBC, no friend of the truth.  So tell me all you vax enthusiasts. Exactly why do you trust Pfizer who didn't mind shoveling in the bucks by cheating and bribing? Of course, these days, don't expect the Department of Justice to exercise any vigilance over Pfizer or any other drug company. After all, Anthony Fauci is their guru and he's the man who is equivalent to BIG SCIENCE and he says everything is a-okay!


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