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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Fr. Tom Collins Endorses Stephanie Gray and her Socratic Approach on Winning the Abortion Debate!

Mary Ann,

Check out the excellent talk at the link above. Her talk is based entirely on natural law. Sadly, though, it seems that the USCCB this past week decided, in spite of the concerns expressed by Bishop Strickland, to acquiesce to the assertion that one could be a faithful
Catholic in good standing and still reject Accountability to the basic premises of integral humanity presented in this talk.

It seems that, as we are being introduced into the worship of Mother Earth (e.g., Pachamama devotions in St. Peter’s Basilica sponsored by Pope Francis), we are being directed to embrace the narrative on man-made climate change to the point that bishops are open to the idea that child sacrifice may indeed be permissible for the sake of allegedly saving the planet.

God save us!

In Christ,

Fr. Tom

If you watch the first 15 minutes of this talk, I suspect you will be intrigued enough to listen to the rest. 

I was. 

Stephanie's approach is respectful and challenging. Anyone who wants to influence the conversation about abortion could learn a lot from this lovely young woman about how to challenge those advocating abortion. Love them first. Then be curious about their stories. Then enter into respectful conversation. 


TuNeCedeMalisPJS said...

There is no “winning the debate” of abortion.
They hold the belief of abortion as a right close to their heart and as their religion of government serves their worldly needs.
Instead, we must take control of the i stations back and just ban it when we are in charge.
You must understand that the unholy majority doesn’t care about our reasons, they have theirs and they have control of the institutions.
Once we win, then we can put God first and purge out evil, as they would have in old Christendom.
The time for civil debate is long past.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I don't agree, Unknown. I've seen too many people change. I think most people who identify as "pro-choice" have swallowed the lie. We can reach many of them by the grace of God and respectful engagement. We support financially a young woman who works for Genocide Awareness Project (GAP). They set up graphic displays on college campuses. They challenge the young people to recognize the baby in the womb as one more victim of genocide and they change minds and hearts.

I would love to see abortion made illegal again, but that will not end abortion. We need conversion of hearts and that happens the way Stephanie Gray illustrates. We want the salvation of souls and the souls of those who embrace abortion, whether out of malice or ignorance, are in the balance. We need to win them over with the love of God just like Jesus converted the Samaritan woman at the well.

chris griffin said...

Hi Mary Ann,

This was disappointing. Stephanie discussed ethics, science, philosophy, Viktor Frankl, disability, rape, personal stories and the UN which are secondary arguments against abortion.

She never said “Thou Shall Not Murder” which is the most honest, helpful, humble and Godly thing that can be said to an abortive woman and against abortion generally. I have also heard Trent Horn talk for dozens of hours without saying God’s word, how is that Catholic?

“As a consequence of the respect and protection which must be ensured for the unborn child from the moment of conception, the law must provide appropriate penal sanctions for every deliberate violation of the child's rights” CCC 2273

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I spent about 20 years sidewalk counseling at abortion facilities. I found the most effective way to change a woman's mind was to appeal to her own self interest first. We urged folks coming as prayer supporters not to bring pictures of aborted babies because women were much less likely to talk to us. They saw us as there for the babies and not for them. That is part of the Biblical admonition to be as sly as serpents and gentle of doves. We saved many babies by making that connection first with their moms.

Aqua said...

Mary Ann K: I think what you are saying is mirrored in a pre-homiletic - announcements talk from our FSSPX Priest in which he urged the Parishioners to Charity. He noted that we are seeing many attendees to the Chapel who have never been to Latin Mass before. They are seeing and hearing things from the Altar and in the pews never seen before. Everything that is so familiar to us and grounded in Sacred Tradition to every generation before is completely novel to many visiting from (what I call Nu Church) their regular Parish (as he calls it).

“Be kind to them. Be gentle. Be charitable. Be understanding if their position. They have likely never heard or seen anything like this, so … even if it is very important to us, we must make allowances for those who are at a very different stage of the journey into Tradition. Be kind and bring them into us gently. Explain, but do not impose. Soft words, not hard. Let God move them towards Tradition in His time”.

Big paraphrase, but that was the essence of our Priest’s “pep talk”. It actually brought a small tear because it demonstrated such a genuine love of souls and a desire to win them for Christ in a way I don’t often see in the Catholic Church. “Meet them and in the name of The Prince of Peace, win them” (to that effect).

I think that gas parallels to what you are saying and what the commenters above are saying. Everything the commenters above say is true, and in many cases that is the only path - esp in politics. Implacable opposition against the murderers who impose these unjust murderous laws. But … *to your point* … be soft, kind, gentle, merciful to the poor mother who is in crisis and at the point of fatal choice.

In sum: Know your audience.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I'm curious, Chris. Are you actively involved in the pro-life movement? How do you put your beliefs into action?

chris griffin said...

I have saved 325 babies from being murdered and 325 mothers from committing murder. It took me 18 years on the sidewalk in front of a large, busy abortion clinic in Charlotte, NC. I have been beaten unconscious, car windows bashed out, assaulted many times, falsely arrested, spit on and cursed many times when I was by myself. I would never change the blessing to be there, it is an incredible blessing and also a duty.

I start out with the soft approach as you advocate but if she does not stop you/we must tell her God's truth about abortion. The most kindly, wonderful, merciful thing you could ever say to her is "Thou Shal Not Murder" and "No murderer has eternal life" (1 John 3:15, 1 John 5:12).

Be ye angry, and sin not Eph 4:26

When anyone is made to fall, I burn in agony myself 2 Co 11:

Remember those in prison [womb] as if you were their fellow prisoners [babies], and those who are being tortured [aborted] as if you yourselves were being tortured [aborted]. Heb 13:3

He [Jesus] looked round about on them with anger, being grieved for the hardness of their hearts Mk 3:5

he rescued Lot, a righteous man, who was distressed by the filthy lives of lawless men, for that righteous man, living among them day after day, was tormented in his righteous soul by the lawless deeds he saw and heard
2 Peter 2:8

We also know that law is made not for the righteous… but for murderers 1 Tim 1:9

Pray also for me, that whenever I open my mouth, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel, for which I am an ambassador in chains. Pray that I may declare it fearlessly, as I should. Eph 6:20.

Indignation grips me because of the wicked, who have forsaken your law. Psalm 119:53

There is much, much more if you care to contact me by email.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

God bless you for your pro-life work and for the babies and their moms who benefited from it.