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Sunday, November 7, 2021

Sunday Meditation: The Mask is Off!

Evil is so eager to spread itself that it ends up consuming itself in its zeal for blood. Think of the guru of the French Revolution, Robespierre, who ended up losing his head to Madame Guillotine after orchestrating the murder of hundreds of thousands including about 170,000 Catholic martyrs of the Vendee. Hopefully, we are seeing the beginning of that same self-immolation beginning in our country.

The past two years have torn the mask off liberalism. While many still buy the lie of COVID tyranny, others have awakened and are pushing back. The airline employees who grounded hundreds of flights by refusing the vax mandates forced their CEOs to rethink the policy. The same with the trash workers in New York who tossed refuse over the fence at DeBlasio's mansion. How long will citizens tolerate the stench of garbage in their neighborhoods, a metaphor for the garbage occupying their government?

And then there's the Mama and Papa bears of Loudoun County, VA who faced deep state labels of "domestic terrorists" for daring to protect their children from their tyrannical school board forcing critical race theory and transgender insanity on their children. They had national impact as education became the top issue in the November elections. Now on to the miderms! 

Virginia's election sweep by pro-family Republicans is just the beginning. The political machines that think they own this country are on notice. When a New Jersey truck driver can defeat one of the most powerful state senators in that corrupt state, you know there's a crack in the cistern. The poisonous waters are leaking out and possibilities for good are gushing in. 

We need to prepare for apostolic activism with contemplation and attention to the interior life. Read the Soul of the Apostolate and get ready to fight in your own back yard. When you fight evil in your own neighborhood, you are fighting it from the bottom up and that's the most effective way to win the war. Put on the armor of God and hold your ground! Then move forward under the standard of Christ the King.

Viva Cristo Rey. 


John B., retired English teacher said...

Mary Ann,
I am an oldster and you are of my generation, I believe. Even Michael Matt has gray hair. Where are the young ones to carry on the fight?

John B

Susan Matthiesen said...

Things are quiet, orderly and normal here in Republican-run Florida with our great governor Ron DeSantis. Would love to have been in NYC to help toss garbage over the fence with like-minded people. De Blasio will have to wear his mask inside his mansion to block out the stench.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Hi John, Don't be dismayed. They're everywhere. We saw young faces at the Catholic Identity Conference. Michael Matt's son was featured in a video ad promoting The Remnant. Abbey Johnson is a generation behind us. So are James O'Keefe and Lila Rose. Watch Tucker Carlson and see the faces of young conservatives like Candace Owens, Ruth Huckabee Sanders and Andy Gno. Our allies aren't all Catholics but they are conscientious, principled, Christian people. The chapel I attend is a bastion of babies and little ones. These Catholic parents are raising a pro-life generation. Maybe they aren't in the forefront of the battle, but I'm confident their children are future voters who will love life and family.

I used to be worried as I saw warriors like Nellie Gray, Joe Scheidler, Judy Brown, and other pro-life leaders aging. But then I saw so many rising up. We support a young woman who works with GAP (Genocide Awareness Project) on college campuses. Her siblings are pro-life warriors too. We have no reason to lose hope and every reason to be optimistic. The future belongs to God's people, not Satan's.

Anita Moore said...

He can’t block out the stench he produces himself.