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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

I Hate to Be a Johnny One Note, but Church Militant is Hilarious!

Hilarious for lots of reasons including Mike's hair. Vanity is not a sign of holiness.

Are you tired of reading about Church Militant? What can I say? Mike Voris' Vortex is so hilarious today I couldn't resist writing about his little merry band yet again. The title of this Vortex episode is "Kinda Creepy" which I thought was "kinda" ironic coming from a group that excels at creepy.

But it gets better and better. Voris talks about brief exchanges with several of the bishops in Baltimore whom he invited to come and pray the rosary with them after the rally. He got the cold shoulder.


What a surprise. The bishops didn't jump at the chance to "pray" with someone who called them ALL homosexuals, homosexual enablers, or cowards...oh... and not to mention "Johns" soliciting their hookers. (Mike's moderated that language to MOST in the current episode)

Wow! Way to treat the office of bishops with respect, Mike!

Let's just say Mary never meant her rosary to be a whip used to beat up on others, particularly clergy, even sinful clergy. Frankly, I wouldn't pray the rosary with Church Militant myself because it seems like a fraudulent show, like the palm reader with statues of the Sacred and Immaculate Heart in the window.

I'm sorry, however, not to be in Baltimore today to pray the rosary with my dear friend Jack Ames of Defend Life. There's a man of God who treats even wrong-headed bishops with respect and has for years. I've never seen him not smile and greet bishop with respect, often by name, since we first attended bishops' meetings in Washington, D.C. decades ago, long before CM arrived on the scene. Jack had huge signs made with photos of Catholic pro-abortion politicians and urged the bishops to enforce Canon 915 against them.

I've known Jack for 50 years. We've worked together often. Here's a video from Defend Life's prayer vigil at the bishops' meeting in Baltimore in 2008. Jack is a gentleman in the holiest sense of the word. May God reward him for his faithfulness!

Jack has been fighting the good fight for a lifetime and my respect for him just grows and grows. Not so Mike Voris. I can't even watch the Vortex any more, I get too distracted by Mike's latest hair job. I read the transcript instead. That's what made me laugh today and decide to write yet another CM post. In big, bold letters I read this:

The crowd that never shuts up about dialogue only wants to dialogue with those who agree with them.

Are you kidding, Mike? I think there's a psychological term for this -- projection: "a way in which an individual projects their own undesirable thoughts and beliefs onto someone else."

If any group "only wants to dialogue with those who agree with them" it's Church Militant. You can read all about their dysfunctional behavior and their ungodly rage against just about everyone on our CM page.

And here's another CM accusation against the "Judases" with "blackness in their souls" who have "no joy" and "no image of Christ" that could accurately be turned back on Voris and company:

Too many of these men and their staffs are obsessed with worldly power and consumed by their egos.

No egos at Church Militant, eh? Really? LOL!

Mike Voris had no ego when he led a "retreat" on land during the Easter Triduum giving ten talks and two long Q and A sessions? No ego as he attacks every other Catholic media outlet, the SSPX, and traditionalists using bully tactics that would make Saul Alinsky proud?

It's interesting that, when I was reading about "projection," it was attributed to narcissists:
Narcissists are renowned for using psychological projection to blame other people, even when it is entirely apparent that they are the ones in the wrong.
Here's is one example of how the narcissist reacts:
A narcissist might be particularly rude or abusive towards you, but when you get upset and call them out on their behaviour, they blame you for overreacting.
That is classic CM. When anyone defends himself against CM's slanderous assaults, Voris and Niles immediately double down. That's what they're doing right now to Mike Parrott at Restoring the Faith, but they do it to everyone with whom they disagree. The defense, they claim, proves the target is guilty. If, on the other hand, the target doesn't react and ignores them, it also proves the target is guilty. They use a two-sided guilty coin to determine the target's culpability. It's a classic con and they are champions at it. Are you channelling Saul Alinsky, Mike?

The name of the CM rally is a good rallying cry to address back to them. Mike, Christine, Simon, et al many people are fed up with you. "Enough really is enough."

Oh...and when they are accusing others of misusing money the audience should consider this. CM took over $300,000 in COVID bailout money from the feds. Nothing illegal there, just convenient. Hey, they have a payroll to meet to keep their empire rolling along.

It resembles what the bishops do who benefit from the federal bucks. Guess CM has something in common with those blackhearted Judases after all.


chris griffin said...

Hey, I am with you 99% of the time but I think you went to far in your criticism on this one.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks Chris,

Want to be specific? Was it the comment about Mike's hair? Mea culp! I used to dye mine, but I always thought that was a girlie thing.

PGMGN said...

You're calling them like "you" see them, Mary Ann. Nothing wrong with that.

As for Voris/Niles/CM, they're coming across like Harry & Meghan Sparkle. Dying to be relevant. Pun intended. Tim Gordon has shown himself to be an eager Oprah Winfrey, backing off with "I don't care" in the aftermath of being slammed on his own channel, again, for tone-deaf immaturity marketed as manly and zealous promotion of Catholic principles. (I'm pure and holy damn it!! And anyone who objects is a drama-obsessed mean girl. Right:^)

Keep up the one note. You're striking the heart of the matter.

chris griffin said...

Sorry but you used a boatload of insults and hyperbole that are not appropriate…

which I thought was "kinda" ironic coming from a group that excels at creepy.

it seems like a fraudulent show, like the palm reader with statues of the Sacred and
Immaculate Heart in the window.

I get too distracted by Mike's latest hair job

No egos at Church Militant, eh? Really? LOL!

using bully tactics that would make Saul Alinsky proud?

Guess CM has something in common with those blackhearted Judases after all.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Hmmm...will think about that.

At least I didn't call them "Judases" with "blackness in their souls" and "Johns" paying their hookers?

Aqua said...

chris griffin,

One difference jumps out at me, between CM and this blog: one is a 501(c)(3) orgnization, the other is a personal opinion blog.

What is a 501(c)(3)? It is a non-profit organization that are exempt from federal income tax. The following three broad categories qualify for this IRS status: charitable organizations, churches and religious organizations, and private foundations. To receive its favorable tax treatment, the non-profit organization must not deviate from its purpose or mission. To be tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3), an organization must not be serving any private interests, including the interests of the creator, the creator's family, shareholders of the organization, other designated individuals, or other persons controlled by private interests. None of the net earnings of the organization can be used to benefit any private shareholder or individual; all earnings must be used solely for the advancement of its charitable cause. The 501(c)(3) organization is also forbidden from using its activities to influence legislation in a substantial way, including participating in any campaign activities the support or deny any particular political candidate.

Most likely, the only way CM qualifies for this non-profit tax exempt status is as a "private foundation". What is that for IRS purposes? A private foundation is a charitable organization that, while serving a good cause, might not qualify as a public charity.

In other words - CM has a high bar to exist under its IRS tax exempt status both for itself and for its donors. A high bar that is charity related in some way. Do they qualify? Since they are claiming protection from public taxation, I think we have a right to know.

As to this blog? It belongs to the blog's author, period. It is a place to share her opinions and, in her case, also to solicit opinions about topics from others. It is a public forum. All participants are private and entitled to their opinions under the 1A principle of free speech.

Big difference, as far as I'm concerned. CM has gone off the rails pursuing vigilante claims, unsubstantiated by objective fact in almost every case, against members of the Catholic Church. Not charitable, in my opinion - in both senses of that word.

As far as I'm concerned, the blog author is simply stating facts as she sees them and I agree with them all. But even if anyone does not ... it doesn't matter because they are her opinions alone. CM is a whole 'nuther kettle of fish.

Lauraelaina said...

Yeah, that bleach blond hair screams vanity.

allandan500 said...

This is nothing more than a sinful screed.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks for the comment Allan,

And Church Militant calling the bishops "Johns" and Judases with black souls is what?

Are you Church Militant groupie?

TheFlyingTigers said...

Don't be intimidated, Mary Ann. You're doing great work. CM has skeletons in its closet...

UU said...

CM is pornography run by to severely narcissistically disturbed individuals. They are so obviously Opus Dei a waste of time
They work against the Bride of Christ, and people should ignore them.

Jovan-Marya Weismiller, T.O.Carm. said...

Mary Ann, your link to Defend Life is a bad link. It just leads back to Blogger.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks for the heads up. I fixed it. Defend Life does great work!

allandan500 said...

Mary Ann, the problem with your original post is that Christ did not invite us to the sheriff's posse to destroy those we disagree with. Because of your lead the thread has become a childish yuck yuck about hair styles and homosexuality. CM is not a go-to site for me, but I do know that he has stated that he no longer is in the gay lifestyle. We have an obligation to accept that unless there is real hard-fact proof that that is not true, AND we have a serious reason to expose it. We cannot get around the sin of detraction because we know something and don't like the guy so why not throw it out there. I add in prudence that I know nothing about Voris that is different than what he has stated.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks for your second comment, allendan500, which is more useful than the first. We all need prudence and charity that's for sure. I'll think and pray about what you've said. Church Militant is making a career out of trying to destroy people -- all their competition, traditionalists, etc. ad nauseum. I have no idea what Michael Voris does when he's not posturing in front of a video camera, but I do know his relentless, vicious (and I use that word deliberately) attacks need to be exposed for what they are - hypocrites who use slander, innuendo, etc. as click bait.

I've been thinking about heroes in the movement like Joe Scheidler. I can't imagine him EVER acting like Michael Voris. We need more Scheidlers addressing the bishops and fewer, in fact none in my opinion, Michael Vorises and Christine Niles.

I'd appreciate prayers.

PGMGN said...

Dear Chris,

You write, "Sorry but you used a boatload of insults and hyperbole that are not appropriate."

Not appropriate? Sorry. CM is purposefully poking the bear, that is wounded/abused/deceived Catholics on a regular basis. Their patronizing attitude combined with rank hypocrisy is deserving of scorn, anger, and a great many other things beyond the sarcasm that, whether you like it or not, is a means to vent. And often prevent something far worse being said. The lesser of two evils.

Catholics have had a boatload of enough is enough. Maybe take up this issue with CM and explain to them their complicity in instigating the sins of others. That may work better than shaming those who, frankly, have had more than enough from the wigged peanut gallery.

PGMGN said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chris griffin said...


You made 2 posts to me and I still have no idea what you are lecturing me about, but thanks for your time and concern to reply to me.

I have prolife as my 99% highest concern so I want to see Mary Ann at her best and thought her original article was not her best. CM does do some prolife and Father Altman so I watch them for that. I have no knowledge of or opinion of CM other than prolife.

In fact I am working on my hypothesis that abortion is the cause of all the evil in the Church and in government and in society.

I implore you, Mary Ann and CM to forget the current controversy and focus on prolife 99%.

Thanks and God Bless

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I agree with you about pro-life, Chris. I've been fighting abortion since the year before Roe v. Wade and my entire adult life has been devoted to God, my family, and the babies waiting to be born. I think the murder of the unborn and the sexual depravity are bringing a heavy judgment on this country not to mention all the other evils. May God have mercy on us.

But I also think CM is doing more damage than good by relentlessly attacking what is best in the Church: Catholic media whom they should consider allies, traditionalists who love the faith, the SSPX. And they do it with a viciousness that is beyond bounds.

I take all criticism seriously when it comes from those who criticize in charity as you are doing. So thank you and know I will give serious consideration to your comments.

Aqua said...

Chris, I have to completely disagree with you on this.

First, it is not difficult to do two things at once. Pro-Life is existentially important. That does not mean it is the only thing that is important or even existentially important. Not now, that is for sure. And not in this case, either.

Second, what CM is doing they are doing to a holy Priest of God, in a highly persecuted remnant of the orthodox Traditional Latin Mass community. This Priest, no less than any other, perhaps more than any other, deserves to be treated with presumptions of innocence and the respect due from Laity to their Priest Personae Christi.

God meets man in the world in holy Mass. We need Tridentine Mass for this. It is, as I said, one of those *existentially important things*. I consider it the MOST important thing of all, because it is our Lord and the Holy Sacrifice is at the center of everything. And so, we have a Priest of a highly persecuted Tridentine Mass community, one who has been assured they are to be transformed with the rest of Nu Church into a Nu Mass community, this very visible, very influential Priest has been charged with dubious, although incredibly evil crimes.

What do we Catholics do? What does the secular State do?

The secular State investigates and (technically) provides the presumption of innocence. He gets all Constitutional legal protections to help all sides arrive at truth and a just verdict.

Catholics, on the other hand ..... we (especially the CM dog and pony video show) jump on and try to fan the flames of emotion, hate, outrage, presumed guilt. There stands Father before the Court. There stands CM screaming and yelling invectives at the humiliated Priest. Sorry, Chris, but I consider that to be an outrage against Divine Justice. We need to protect the presumed innocence, good name, honor and full legal rights of our Priests in the name of God in whom they mediate to Catholics and to the world.

The injustice of CM invectives is gross and needs to stop. There is more than one injustice in the world. I rank their work as one of them.

Mary's Child Mariann said...

I, for the most part, have been blessed reading your blog over the years. I am unable to read every blog you write, but I am a fan [as I'm sure you're aware].

You, clearly, are not currently a fan of CM, which stems from their reporting. To be critical of their reporting with clarity is effective. This article seemed much more a cat fight or mud slinging--it reminded me of the pot calling the kettle black with regard to criticism.

I continue to look forward to your blog. God's blessings upon you and your family!

PGMGN said...


I apologize for the double comment. I've removed one and will try to be more clear since you've qualified what your understanding of CM is at present. That helps me a great deal so thank you.

I'm glad to hear that you're focusing on prolife issues. That is wonderful. That said, there are other issues that require addressing whether we care to or not.

CM does do some good work but sadly that good work is mixed in with CM beating other Catholics and/or news agencies over the head by way of smear campaigns. (CM regularly uses their platform to spread disinformation about perceived competitors. That is a business tactic to undermine one's competition and to position oneself in the minds of consumers that the chosen "CM brand" should considered the only reliable source of information.)

So while you may find the style of this article shocking, the story that it portrays is shocking. It's horrifying that CM would undermine their own work by engage in such vicious attacks. CM does this all the time....and as such they have positioned themselves to be a gross liability for believing Catholics. One cannot trust CM's news because they too regularly engage in bullying and yellow journalism under the false flag of virtue. There is nothing virtuous about CM's inserting themselves into the good works of others and trying, for the sake of sounding important, denigrating the intentions of others.

I personally find Mary Ann's column to be refreshing in its honest portrayal of the situation and the understandable frustration of those who are tired of being miscast by CM's efforts to effect primacy. Absolutely not the pot calling the kettle black but rather a taste of one's own medicine...although Mary Ann is not relying on false claims but the experience of watching CM's tactics in action.

Aqua said...

The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse is a sign of the times: "Give him a trial, fine. But find him guilty and lock him up for life. Or pay the personal consequences if you don't give us a guilty verdict!".

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks to you all for engaging in disagreement with courtesy. It's pretty rare these days on social media.

chris griffin said...

Give me a break,

If you think CM is awful then go for it, but don't blame me for asking Mary Ann to be more professional.

Your current opinions on the priest and on Kyle do not interest me in the least.

I wish yall would get this flustered, frustrated, angry and bent out of shape over abortion.

Aqua said...

Chris griffin,

Again, why can't you do both at the same time - defend the rights of the accused to a presumption of innocence until facts are lawfully produced and adjudicated ... *and* ... care about and defend the sanctity of life?

I have devoted my life, spent it actually, in my own way, in defense of the sanctity of life, to the extent I have strength and resources left.

I also care deeply about protecting the legal rights of the innocent - both the accused and accuser - so that justice prevails. Why not? Fr. Jackson, who may well be as innocent as a lamb, standing morosely in front of the Judge answering heinous charges, and facing an irrational media mob intent on destroying his name and ministry, matters also.

Both are important. And you may be surprised how many people are supporting life causes that you've never even heard of. I am actually spending much more of my life toward sanctity of life, even though I am here commenting here on sanctity of true legal justice and the rights of the accused.

Aqua said...

Speaking of dealing with more than once crisis at a time - I was just watching a video of Dr. David Martin (linked from Br. Bugnolo's From Rome blog giving a speech on the human powers of darkness that are literally killing our children, and intentionally so, with injection mandates. Dr. Martin has had enough. He's naming names.

Anyway ... In the process he talks of his speech he gave before a friendly (presumably evangelical) crowd, who surrounded him after the speech with prayer and support.

About that he had this to say:

"The forces of evil didn't factor in the power of 25 people who hold nothing else but love and light."

We Catholics forget this too much. It's I Cor 13 level stuff that insists that no power on earth can defeat our God who IS Love and Light. All the plots and schemes and murderous perversity of the un-resting enemy are quite powerful - but cannot stand before Love and Light. They do not understand it, cannot plan for it and cannot prevail against it.

Implacable toward our foe. Loving, meek and merciful toward each other. The key to the Kingdom.

algran said...

In response to Aqua's 11/18 5:17PM comment: If you think Rittenhouse is guilty and should spend life in prison, then you have advertised one of two things, or both. 1) You have absolutely zero evidence he is guilty or 2) You are a knee-jerk liberal. Probably both. People like you make me ill. I suppose were you in KR's shoes you would have let the violent Antifa felons off you! Bottom line is...If you are ignorant of the facts of the case, then zip it shut. Period.

algran said...

Aqua said...
The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse is a sign of the times: "Give him a trial, fine. But find him guilty and lock him up for life. Or pay the personal consequences if you don't give us a guilty verdict!".
Well Aqua, you have advertised one of two things with this inane comment. Either you are 1) Totally ignorant of the facts in this case, or 2) You are a knee-jerk liberal. Or probably both. KR is innocent of the charges levied against him. What would you do if three violent Antifa felons were threatening your life? Would you let them off you? So, before you make such insane comments you better have your facts straight. Period.

ChumpChange said...

Great post! I could not agree more with every word you said. CM is absolutely toxic. I fell for them for a while, but no more. I think their continued ad nauseum attack on the SSPX did it for me. They are a vicious group and swallowing whole former great Catholics and turning them into what they rally against.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I think you misunderstood Aqua, Algran. I think he was lamenting the attitude that people who are charged are guilty unless they can prove they're innocent which is what CM is doing to Fr. Jackson.

Aqua said...

algran - your comment is the essence of irony. Obviously your first time reading my (excessive, I admit) opinions.

Irony def: "deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result; language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect".

algran opinion: "you are a knee jerk liberal".

You obviously skipped the body of my (admittedly too long) comments on the topic. If you had read them you would know that my reference to Kyle Rittenhouse was meant to demonstrate an active, ongoing lynching attempt by a leftist/fascist mob who cares only about power, not justice.

Kyle Rittenhouse is not only innocent (from the video evidence I've seen), he is a modern day hero. His technical skill and judgement under duress are beyond anything I've seen among the civilian population, most of whom have never been tested like this under fire. I am in awe of what he did, not only in response to the crisis by volunteering to serve and protect but what he did under mortal attack by an armed and viscious crowd against his lone sole adolescent 17 year old person. It is truly stunning what he did and I say that in the most complimentary sense possible.

Again - what I said in respect to Kyle Rittenhouse is an example of an unreasoning mob who cares nothing for Constitutional legal protections for the sake of Justice. There is much too much of that. Kyle Rittenhouse is one example. Fr. Jackson's case is a lesser known example. Both deserve impartial justice - as do all American citizens.

chris griffin said...

“It is unthinkable, biblically speaking, for the Church to tolerate child sacrifice while professing Christ and his word.”

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

"They are a vicious group and swallowing whole former great Catholics and turning them into what they rally against."

I agree, Chump Change. IMHO CM invites those who have large followings, like the Men's March, to participate in their rallies so they can leech off their popularity or name recognition. They did an adulatory piece on Steve Brady of Roman Catholic Faithful whom I admire greatly. I've known him for 25 years or so. There again, they can use him for their own ends.

I've seen another person I admire greatly take on a vitriolic tone that he didn't have before he got closely involved with CM. Before that I would have described him as a truly Catholic gentleman who never minced words in his apostolate, but always did it with a respectful tone. He edified me. Not so much since he got involved with CM. He sounds like Mike Voris lite these days.

Ah well, I pray for everybody. We're all a mess and need the grace of God and the sacrament of penance. I'm not very good at the penance part, but I'm trying to make Friday a day that I do at least some small sacrifices. Haven't given up cream in my coffee yet.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Has anyone noticed the close cropped camera shots of CM's Baltimore rally? They took down the live stream so that "the film could be edited"....which to me means that they edited out all the EMPTY SEATS. However, ALL THE EMPTY SEATS can still be seen.

What does it do to a person to have to be nasty and angry everyday all day long looking for lawsuits, planning the next attack, posting sayings by saints on FB and in the next breath announce hideous attacks against other people? How does one live a life like that? Are these people true warriors for Christ or empty husks resulting from their deceit and duplicity in their greed for money, power and dominance?

Great post, Mary Ann.

PGMGN said...


You posted, "“It is unthinkable, biblically speaking, for the Church to tolerate child sacrifice while professing Christ and his word.”

I get that you're focusing on pro-life and that's great.

Considering your post above, however, you may want to take your complaints to CM if you're seriously pushing a solely pro-life agenda.

Whatever good CM may do is undercut by their ceaseless, idiotic bullying. The latest from Ms. Niles and CM has them posting on twitter about opossums and how defenseless they are to strike a point against their latest target. Obviously Christine has never had a pet hen eviscerated in the middle of the night. As a side note, it amazes me that a so-called 'crack' journalist would fail to research the truth surrounding opossums and their love of fresh chicken.

But, honestly, go to the source of your news and demand that CM behave in a professional Catholic manner. Try demanding that. Beg, plead, try to use logic. You'll get banned from CM and blistered by all manner of smearing and whatever else it takes to remove you from the public sphere.

PGMGN said...


In answer to your question, I would presume that a person who isn't half as busy as he pretends he is may spend time looking for lawsuits, planning attacks, etc.

CM is being shown up to be grossly lacking in integrity, authority, and charity. So it's critical for them to blacken someone else if only to make their tattle tale gray appear white.

Aqua said...

It is unthinkable, biblically speaking, for the Church to tolerate sacrilege to the Holy Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, tolerate its prohibition even for the sake of a fake, while professing Christ to the world. Both are bad - sacrilege and heresy several grades worse even than infanticide.

There are many fronts in this conflict with global Modernism. All must be met.

chris griffin said...


You are talking about opossums and chickens while 2,500 babies were murdered today.

Please don't respond.

chris griffin said...


You said - “Both are bad - sacrilege and heresy several grades worse even than infanticide.”

That is not true. …
1. Abortion/infanticide is attempted murder of Jesus Christ “whatever you do to the least of these you do to me’ Matt 25:40, not sacrilege and heresy.

2. Shedding innocent blood cries out to God for vengeance, not sacrilege and heresy.

3. Murder/abortion is defined as hatred of God: “all they that hate me love death. Prov 8:36, not sacrilege and heresy.

4. If she kills her baby then God will kill her Ex 22:22-24, not sacrilege and heresy.

…and 57 more

Aqua said...

Chris: "28And fear ye not them that kill the body, and are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him that can destroy both soul and body in hell. (Matt 11:28)

I may not be the sharpest knife in the Catholic knife drawer, but O do know this - Heresy is worse than murder, hands down. The Holy Mass is the center of the existing universe, it represents Our Lord on Calvary in all his unbloody suffering, agony and glory. To desecrate that with an unholy, bordering on un-Catholic Mass with idols possibly on the altar and/or any number of other desecrations including sodomites and other mortally sinful impenitent receiving the Body of holy Jesus - and to profess that this is normal and expected from every Catholic - is the worst possible sin against God.

Sins against God and sins against the Faith are the worst of all sins.

But, on the other hand, it's not a competition is it? Abortion and infanticide also ranks among the most heinous of all sins. It is about as bad as a bad can get. My point - why can't we deal with *both* ... and multiple other issues at the same time. Modernism is coming at us from multiple fronts. Why can't we defend against every attack and save some energy ad resources for our own attacks against our implacable enemy. I think there are many of us at this point ready for our own version of implacable.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I think I'll wade in here. There's a scripture passage that always puzzled me, 1 Kings 14:8:

"Go, and tell Jeroboam: Thus saith the Lord the God of Israel: Forasmuch as I exalted thee from among the people, and made thee prince over my people Israel. And rent the kingdom away from the house of David, and gave it to thee, and thou hast not been as my servant David, who kept my commandments, and followed me with all his heart, doing that which was well pleasing in my sight: But hast done evil above all that were before thee, and hast made thee strange gods and molten gods, to provoke me to anger, and hast cast me behind thy back."

David was an adulterer and a murderer. How could God say David kept his commandments and "followed him with all of his heart?" The answer is that David never violated the first three Commandments. He never put other gods before the Lord. The ten Commandments are a hierarchy. The first three involve offenses directly against the love and worship of God. "Thou shalt love the Lord they God with all they heart, mind, and strength." All the other seven commandments involve the second great Commandment, "Love they neighbor as thyself." We are called to obey ALL the Commandments. But idol worship is particularly heinous because ultimately it is the sin of Lucifer who worshiped himself.

Debbie said...

Aqua and Mary Ann, thank you for these last two posts....very helpful for me. God bless and the Virgin protect us one and all.

Aqua said...

Mary Ann K:


Or, as we used to say (back in the good ol' days) - "shack"! (dead center bullseye)

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Amen to that, Debbie! May we all meet merrily in heaven!

chris griffin said...

Hi Mary Ann and Aqua,

Thanks for your reply but…

1. Abortion is today’s child sacrifice to Satan which is the ultimate sin.

2. Child sacrifice to Satan is the only “UNTHINKABLE” sin to God, not sacrilege and heresy.

And they have built the high places of Tophet, which is in the Valley of the Son of Hinnom, to burn their sons and their daughters in the fire, which I did not command, nor did it come into My heart. Jeremiah 7:31

(they have also built the high places of Baal, to burn their sons with fire for burnt offerings to Baal, which I did not command or speak, nor did it come into My mind), Jeremiah 19:5

And they built the high places of Baal which are in the Valley of the Son of Hinnom, to cause their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire to Molech, which I did not command them, nor did it come into My mind that they should do this abomination, to cause Judah to sin.’ Jeremiah 32:35

The child sacrifice of abortion to Satan is why abortion is the worst possible sin, three times repeated for emphasis.

Aqua said...


I’m not sure that you read what was said in response.

Surely you agree that God is infinitely (not just a little bit or even a lot more - *infinitely*) more important than any of His creation, including human creation. Is 55:9

Surely you agree with Christ (Matt 11:28) the Church and Her martyrs that it is better to lose your body (life) than lose your soul; that murder if the soul is always a graver crime than murder of a physical body - loss of life v eternity in Hell.

Surely you agree that to “crucify (murdering, killing on the Cross) Christ Himself all over again” is worse than killing members of Christ’s creation.

And surely you agree that to harm Christ’s Mystical Bride, the RCC, *the very Body of Christ Himself*, or even attempt Her murder, through perverted heretical Doctrines is worse even than physical murder.

And to disagree, IMO, is to not fully understand the import of what the RCC actually is and what happens at the Holy Sacrifice when God deigns to meet us in Holy Communion.

There is an hierarchy of sin. Within that hierarchy, sins against God and His holy Church are highest. Infinitely higher than any other. “Zeal for thy House has consumed me” (Ps 69:9, Jn 2:16,17). Other sins are damnable in an hierarchy below sins against God. Sins against children undoubtedly are at the top, although I would put soul killing crimes of Priests who sexually prey on and consume children in their care up there at or above even abortion.

God bless you! We are on the same side. I support life with you, and as I previously said - I have literally spent my life for the cause of sanctity of life. I will continue to do so until I die.

Andrew Dunn said...

I highly recommend this YouTube interview with Mike and Jeff. The Voris and Niles show team are sadistic. There’s no humility and no charity on their part. This interview is worth the hour listen and then sharing far and wide.

Gerry McKeegan said...

Mary Ann et all,
It has been disheartening to see over the last few months the increased personal attacks on CM and their approach to exposing the evil within the Church and culture. We are all fragile souls and sinners in this fight and each of us have a unique style to carry out in confronting the evil in the Church and culture. I agree with not only CM but other Catholic journalists that as a whole our US bishops can only be described as cowards and that saddens me no end.
Don't you all remember at their 2002 meeting in Dallas, bishops were given the opportunity to have a cleansing truth-telling when during the proceedings, Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz of Lincoln, Neb., offered a motion to investigate the causes of the sex abuse and cover-up scandals. Many of us hoped that such an investigation would have quickly revealed the cause and effect — rampant homosexuality, kept secret instead of admitted and addressed openly.
But what happened instead, when Bishop Bruskewitz made his motion, not one of his colleagues would second his motion and the immeasurably catastrophic damage done to the Church continues today including the Lavender mafia's feckless support of abortion and Canon 915. There is a place in this battle for our Church for all kinds of warriors. Lets not cut each other up and discard our fellow Catholics who are militant, aggressive and doing the dirty work of exposing the evil.
By the way please don't forget the late 1990's scandals involving the traditionalist orders of St. John Society, SSPX and FSSP that occurred in the Scranton diocese in which my family lived from 1975-1994. Randy Engel wrote reports on that and today the Scranton Diocese remains a cesspool as described by CM recently. Please don't take me as an anti-traditionalist as I attend both the Novus Ordo and the Traditionist masses in our home parish.
My battle cry is "Custodi in fide et purifica templum". Keep the Faith and Cleanse the Temple. In Christ's Peace.

Aqua said...

Gerry McKeegan: You misunderstand. I fully favor an investigation into any charges brought against any Priest - according to the civil law of our nation and the Canon law of our Church. While this investigation is being conducted - we should all control our emotions and give our Priest the benefit of the presumption of innocence. Carry ourselves with dignity and as Christians with charity toward both the accused and the accuser. Both. Let the Priest and his Counsel defend himself as he deems appropriate. Let the accuser do likewise.

What is not acceptable is to fan the flames of emotion, use a public media platform and pronounce guilt upon a lonely accused and through unrelenting social media pressures try to isolate the accused, prevent anyone from voicing support, deem any that do support the accused as complicit and participants in heinous, pre-judged crimes.

That is the problem with CM. They make it far less likely that Truth will one day prevail. And they corrupt the process of getting to a just outcome.

If the charges are true, the Priest is guilty of, or a participant in soul murder. It is one of the most serious crimes imagineable. We all need to step way back, calm down, insist media outlets calm down and let the process play out legally and thoughtfully - for the sake of Truth and final Justice.

PGMGN said...


CM invites criticism of their so-called journalism and, I'd venture, invent "personal attacks" in order to portray themselves as a hapless victim in the aftermath of CM intentionally victimizing their fellows for clicks.

We absolutely should cleanse the temple. But that also requires that CM clean up their journalistic approach so as not to undermine themselves. It is hardly fragility that incites CM to viciously attack and insinuate and bait and smear others in order to remain in the headlines. It is hardly fragility that incites CM to conflate the SSPX with any/all stories that typically lead off with Ms. Niles proclaiming her virtuous intentions while subsequently proceeding to smear and blacken others without full context of the events being reported.

What CM is using is a business model and they're using it to their own detriment. For yellow journalism and trash reporting that goes so far as to label others as pedo-enablers and worse, for the crime of asking for full context and fairness in reporting, is to welcome trash talk.

Maybe CM could be the change they want to see. Actions speak louder than words. So if CM is truly there to protect/support victims, they should in all justice acknowledge their own shortfall in presuming to judge, calumniate, and misrepresent others.

'Do as I say, not as I do' is what CM preaches by their example. You may well call it "style" until you're on the receiving end of a 'media outlet' determined to paint you as a villain.

Libera nos a malo

chris griffin said...

Mary Ann, Aqua, Debbie,

I highly recommend that yall review the teachings of the Bible, which is Catholic Church teaching, about abortion…

1. Attempted murder of Jesus Christ

2 Child sacrifice to Satan

3. UNTHINKABLE to God, never entered his mind that a mother would sacrifice her baby.

4. Cries out to God for vengeance.

5. Profanes Gods Holy Name (Lev 18:21 and 20:3) the worst form of blasphemy and sacrilege.

6. Abortion is hatred of God.

Abortion is the most grievous sin possible. Thanks for listening to me.

PGMGN said...


I highly recommend that you review your posts for presumption. Your insinuation that others are unaware of the Church's teachings with regard to abortion is a distraction from the subject of the article above.

Distraction is one of CM's tactics and it's not one to imitate.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

We are all pro-life here so I find this discussion somewhat puzzling. What is the point in an argument (in the classical sense) between which sin is greater -- blaspheming God/heresy or abortion? They are both intrinsically and gravely evil. But I think wrangling about it calls for Timothy's advice in 2 Timothy;

'Have nothing to do with foolish, ignorant controversies; you know that they breed quarrels. And the Lord’s servant must not be quarrelsome but kind to everyone...."

I appreciate the civility of the discussion, but I think we've about worn out the subject. No one is going to change his/her mind and the entire discussion reminds me of the description of theologians arguing about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

God bless you all and may we all enjoy a blessed Thanksgiving praising God for His many gifts including all of our pro-life brothers and sisters who work in the vineyard to save the lives of the little ones waiting to be born.

chris griffin said...

Mary Ann,

Thank you for calling my Biblical condemnations of abortion “foolish, ignorant, how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.”

You have exposed yourself for what you really are.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Wow, Chris!

I was talking about ARGUING about the issue when we are all in agreement about the seriousness of both abortion and sins against the first commandment.

I've spent my entire adult life fighting abortion. I've been to jail four times, once for 24 days. I was not talking about the seriousness of the issues being discussed, I was addressing the "foolish" argument over which is the greater sin. A mortal sin is a mortal sin. Both can send you to hell.

I thought we were all being civil until your latest comment. You are certainly quick to judge other pro-lifers for daring to disagree with your OPINION that abortion is the most serious sin of all. And frankly, I'm done with the discussion. Rage on if it suits you.

Alan Sexton said...

Mary Ann,

I cannot fathom how anyone can stomach the uncharitable, judgmental, holier-than-thou filth coming out of the obvious narcissists at CM. Herein you justifiably take them to the woodshed and, if they listened and responded to their consciences, they might change. Unfortunately, I don't foresee these unduly prideful people changing their inappropriately vicious ways.

For so very many people, Voris and company are offputting and leave observers with a negative, false view of Catholicism.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks for your comment, Alan. I pray for them almost every day at Mass by name and often when they come to mind during the day.

What saddens me more than anything else is that people I used to admire are linking up with them. It seems to me to be co-dependence. They get money and CM's audience and CM gets their credibility. Voris and Niles sure don't have much of their own.

It will all be sorted out on Judgment Day, but in the meantime their viciousness does a lot of damage to individuals and to the Church.