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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Democrats Accuse Others of Hate While They Celebrate Murder and Mayhem!

DuPage Democrat under fire for saying Wisconsin parade tragedy
was 'karma' for Rittenhouse acquittal

I wonder if any of the people killed or injured were Democrats. Families out watching a Christmas parade? Hmm...maybe not. 

Remember the Dem operative and all the other liberals who celebrated the 2017 shooting at the ballfield in Alexandria when the Republicans were practicing? Steve Scalise was almost killed, but, hey, he deserved it because he's "a piece of sh*t!" Civility, eh? tolerance, eh? The party of love? Sounds like Orwell's newspeak where the "Ministry of Truth" spreads lying propaganda.

Well, what can one expect from folks who demand the murder of babies in the womb? They certainly won't scruple at killing anyone else. 

I challenge every Democrat to read their party's platform. It's full of idiocy and evil beginning with the Preamble with nonsense that "diversity is our greatest strength" and that "protest is among the highest forms of patriotism." 


Remember how they treated the Loudoun County parents' protest over critical race theory? They wanted an investigation and immediately began calling the parents domestic terrorists. Look how they treat anyone who disagrees with the mask mandates and the vax! Look at what they've done to the January 6th "protesters" who were unarmed. How long have they been in jail now without their constitutional right to a speedy trial? And for what? POLITICS! They are political prisoners in our own Stalag 17. 

And that's only the crap in the Preamble! 

Ya gotta laugh when you read them accuse the Trump administration of "gross corruption and abuses of power." Uh...Biden and China? Hunter and his laptop? Hillary selling uranium to Russia? The fake dossier. The spy, Fang Fang, sleeping with Dem politicians? 

To say "corrupt Democrat" is redundant.

Oh...and they say they don't "fan the flames of hate." One more lie from the party that hates anyone who disagrees with them. Who urged their followers to attack Republicans at theaters, restaurants, and gas stations? Who said don't give them a moment's peace because Republicans are beneath contempt?  

Read the section on health care which calls for forcing hospitals to provide gender transition surgery and abortion under "nondiscrimination" laws. No conscience rights for those of us who disagree! Look what they're doing to de-platform anyone who dares to question the COVID propaganda.

And just like they got abortion through seven oligarchs on the Supreme Court, they want to pack the court to make sure what they can't get legislatively, they can get judicially. 

If you're a Democrat and you've never read the platform, you are irresponsible. If you've read and endorse the platform, you embrace evil. Either way, you're in big trouble. 

Author Joe Sobran had it right years ago. He called the Republicans the stupid party and the Democrats the evil party. 

The best strategy is to give your loyalty to Christ the King and vote for candidates, not parties...and work for them as well!

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rohrbachs said...

I think you have to vote for the GOP platform and hold candidates to the platform. This platform, by enshrining "created equal", abolished slavery then and can abolish abortion now. Trump tried to modify the platform with rape exceptions but they would not let him! The platform also upholds mom and dad, not two dads or mom's. No telling how long the platform can remain pristine if we don't get behind it and insist candidates tie it's line. No apologies. Incrementalists have had fifty years to get abortion abolished and they have failed. Let's abolish abortion for "created equal's" 250th birthday in 2026!