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Monday, November 22, 2021

Dems Hate the Rule of Law! Their Reaction to the Rittenhouse Verdict Just Proves It!

Tucker will interview Kyle Rittenhouse tonight. 

Joe Biden is telling people to "protest peacefully" against the Rittenhouse verdict. (Isn't that what President Trump called for last January?) 

New York Democrat Congressman Jerry Nadler is calling for a review of the verdict by the corrupt DOJ. He calls the verdict a "miscarriage of justice" that endangers people engaged in their First Amendment right to protest. 


Burning, looting, throwing projectiles at the police, and telling people you're going to kill them are all protected by the First Amendment?

Who knew?

And this guy is actually a lawyer? He's "served" 15 years in the House. Maybe it's time to retire him; actually, no "maybe" about it.

Many people obviously don't agree with the foaming-at-the-mouth Dems who continue to call Kyle a murderer and want to find a way to throw out the rule against double jeopardy by making up a federal case against him. 

Well, go suck an egg, you haters of the law. A jury acquitted him and there is no federal case. And you can cry all you want about how the people are upset over the verdict. That's not what it looked like outside the courthouse with cars honking in support and the people cheering. 

It's a tragedy that two people are dead and one was wounded, but if pointing a gun at somebody's head doesn't warrant a self-defense reaction what does? 

As for Democrats making any statement about "the people," it makes me laugh. Democrat elitists in their gated communities know nothing about the people. They eat at the French Laundry, not the Cracker Barrel. They send their flunkies to the grocery store. Life is good for the liberals in Congress. Inflation won't bother them a bit! They come to Washington with modest incomes and leave Congress as millionaires.

Not so the "deplorables" clinging to our Bibles and our guns. We're the ones who will feel the pinch while liberals use our money to put illegal invaders up in fancy hotels and move them to red states to try to ensure liberal wins in perpetuity. 

We continue to call out to God for justice and the Rittenhouse case gives us hope. Pray for those killed. They both had pretty serious rap sheets. One presumes they experienced an unprovided death which is a tragedy for any soul. I'm praying they had a moment of real "wokeness" and woke up to God's justice and mercy in the moments before death. May God save us all from a bad end.

The Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, explained: 'If you believe him when he says self-defense, then you have to acquit him'

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