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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Woke School Boards Take a Hit All Over the Country! Rejoice and Be Glad, for Our God is Faithful!

See Breitbart's article listing school board wins around the country throwing out the critical race theory tyrants. Truth is on a roll! Remember, all politics is local. Make your new year's resolution a plan to attend a meeting of your local school board or board of supervisors once a month. Know what's going on in your local community. Organize a prayer vigil outside your country courthouse or government building. Be pro-active. It's for our kids and for the future of our country! Check out these school board victories and pray for the new members:

Ryan James Girdusky’s 1776 Project PAC has helped a number of candidates for local school boards win their elections. He and the PAC tweeted out the victories.

Girdusky, a New York native, political consultant, and author of They’re Not Listening: How the Elites Created the Nationalist Populist Revolutionexposed the corruption in the anti-Trump Lincoln Project in January, forcing several board members to resign.

His 1776 Project PAC self-describes as “dedicated to electing school board members nationwide who want to reform our public education system by promoting patriotism and pride in American history.”

The PAC is “committed to abolishing critical race theory and ‘The 1619 Project’ from the public school curriculum.”

Moms for America said about the PAC that, “to fix schools, replace radical school boards.”

The “moms” observed what many parents have learned over the past two years – the great power of local government:

We have learned during the pandemic and the raging debate over the poisonous and inaccurate “critical race theory” agenda, that local school boards wield a lot of power. Most are in hip pockets of the teacher unions – because they flood the zone with millions of dollars into these local elections – which means that the kids and families don’t matter.

The “moms” organization said the 1776 Project PAC “will be supporting school board candidates who want to keep critical race theory and the history of the radical 1619 Project out of classrooms.”

“This is an effort to have parents not unions determine the curriculum in schools,” they added.

The battle is engaged. Please pray for all the new school board members fighting the 1619 project and critical race theory. It is all about dividing people by the color of their skin and using class envy and hatred to win elections. After their defeat on election day, the attack from the left is guaranteed to escalate. Every black conservative will be treated like Winsome Sears who's being called the black face of white supremacy. These evil liars will stop at nothing.  More than ever we need to embrace the biblical admonition to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. Truth spoken with a firm, soft voice and a smile defeats the raging leftists every time. They will double down on their losing policies and more people will wake up to reality. 

Viva Cristo Rey!


rohrbachs said...

Better yet, pull them out.

Two Major reasons the parental complaints to school boards are oxymoronic:

No.1 - There is reason to believe they'll just *say* they changed the policy, and then do the opposite:

Teachers told to give fake curriculum to parents who complain of 'indoctrination'

Tennessee parents forced to sign waiver stating they will not eavesdrop on their children's online lessons | Fox News Video

Public schools across America will read kids transgender propaganda tomorrow | Opinion | LifeSite

School launches secret program to turn kids 'trans' without telling parents - WND

Parents outraged as public schools sneak sexually explicit books into kids’ libraries | Opinion | LifeSite

Teaching or Preaching? Islam in the Classroom - Turning Point Project
Government Population Control: A Secret of American Foreign Policy"

National conference teaches librarians how to sneak drag queens past parents | News | LifeSite
Parents explode as Republicans refuse to defend kids from library drag queens | News | LifeSite

No.2 - Exactly which parents are the boards supposed to listen to? Only Christian parents What if parents disagree with each other? Muslim parents wanting school to chant Ramadan prayers? Atheist parents wanting "Hail Satan"? SSM "parents" wanting kids acclimatized to pedophilia or dqsh? In fact, it is a bit fatuous to put much emphasis on "parental responsiveness" when the definition of parent has been unduly broadened.

The more coherent option is private or homeschool.

To a great extent, this tilting at schoolboards *covers over* the ongoing abuse of students in government schools by making it seem solvable without voting with feet. I get that we took down McAuliffe; but we need to worry about the globalist tendencies (which involve charter schools of unknown character) of his regnant opponent...and not get carried away like we did with djt. See my comment below which shows Trump honoring those who *disrespect* marriage. Both of these "faux republicans" are comfortable with diluting the intellectual quality of the prolife GOP platform...we must insist that they follow it to its abolitionary promise rather than molest it.

We parents and taxpayers have enough to do to make sure public libraries are supporting or at least not attacking "Mom and Dad". We shouldn't have to dilute our efforts in order to make it possible for double income couples to have free government babysitting. Homeschooling is doable for many more than try it and it also permits caring for Granny, as well as bolster's Dad's employer relying on him when the schools shut down. It does need the Church to backstop marriage, however.

Mom and Dad matters.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

And homeschooling exploded because of COVID, but there are still many who don't have the option. BESIDES WE PAY FOR THESE DAMN SCHOOLS! Sorry for yelling but I'm sick of it. It's a question of teaching the three R's and leave out all the garbage!

rohrbachs said...

Yes we do pay for them and that is another matter for taxpayers to handle. My point is they are so far gone and deceptive that any parent is delusional to think they will be saved to send their own to in the current time. They actively plan to lie to parents to make them think things are fixed when they aren't. You have not addressed that, nor have you addressed the fact that it they have to listen to you the Christian parent they also have to listen to the blm parent and the same parent and the atheist parent.

rohrbachs said...

Furthermore this
And this

Ought to make you realize trump and Trumpkin might be cut from similar cloth. Hold the euphoria and resolve to hold them to the gop platform and prevent them from changing it. That is the North Star. Trump did try to put rape exceptions into the platform which would have amputated it's promise to abolish abortion.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Atheists, Jews, Muslims, and Christians can all agree on teaching children the basics. Math is not a religious subject as long as agendas are kept out of the word problems. Readers are another issue and school libraries also need to be under the microscope. Teaching good writing is not religious either. That would come in by what the children chose to write about which is a positive approach to diversity. If a teacher gave an assignment on "How does your family celebrate holidays" children would be exposed in a positive way to the cultures of other people.

We can agree to keep religious creeds out of the public schools. That eliminates a large part of the problem. Most children attend public schools. I prefer that my grandchildren don't, but I also happen to care about the millions of other families whose children do. We are called to be a light to the world. And shining a light in the schools impacts millions of children. I continue to rejoice over parents increasing their oversight of the schools and demanding reform.

rohrbachs said...

"A Virginia mother has been blocked from entering her son’s public high school library weeks after she complained about books in the collection being pornographic, according to a new report.

Stacy Langton told the Washington Examiner Monday that Fairfax Principal Maureen Keck told her she was not allowed to enter the library anymore."

Not to be tendentious but you still have not responded to the fact that schools can deceive parents. And for that matter that Trumpkin is puppeting parents at school boards in order to platform his apparent globalist "school choice" initiative, also to be paid out of our taxpayer pockets, and even putting our right to homeschool at risk. I illustrate this in a second comment, but assure you I have those millions of children in government school at heart as well. (As well as their mothers (I'm sure you've read "The Way Home", by Mary Pride and "What's a smart woman like you doing at home", but maybe others haven't).

rohrbachs said...

Keep in mind that other article about youngkins globalist education school choice charter school plans by thinking housewife as you read the following:

"Basically, families would receive the money the state already spends on their child’s education in a fund that they would then have discretion over and the ability to allocate towards a number of educational services. They could reinvest in their public school and stay if it is good, or they could use the fund towards private school, homeschooling, tutors, online courses, and supplies. They could also roll the funds over year after year (which would incentivize frugality) and ultimately pay for college with it as well."

School choice is to homeschooling as SSM is to marriage. It muddies the boundaries between home and state.

SSM allows the procurement and objectification of children to relationships that do not reflect marriage. Children have the right to be cared for by those whose marital embrace brought them into existence, or if orphaned, a mom-dad that can *stand in* for that marital embrace (Paul Vitz). SSM mocks the marital embrace and makes "creatures of the state" of the kids it procures. Even beyond that, it undermines all marriages and parental rights by muddying the definition of marriage and parent. We Virginians learned about that through the radically twisted legislation passed under Northam, especially with regard to surrogacy and "intended"parents (the original bill even designated such intended as the "owners" of the embryo, for awhile before they realized this would be tone deaf). But this mangling eugenics has a very distant chime in the Virginia of 1662, when it was decided the offspring of a slave would itself be a slave, thus kicking off eugenic commodification of slaves. Black gold thus became the midas touch, generating an eventual 4 million slaves, whose profitable burgeoning put off the redemption of "created equal" for four score or so years. And fostered the ongoing aftershocks of Jim crow segregation bans on miscegenation (which were democrat institutions along with Confederacy, BTW). Fortunately a second exceptional declaration about creation was made in the midst of Jim crow era by the supreme court: "The child is not the creature of the state", affirming parental rights in education (Pierce vs Society of Sisters.). So parents have rights, but they must be protected against the muddying of the parent definition. When everyone's a parent, noone's a parent.

We homeschoolers of the past learned the first commandment is thou shalt not accept money from the state for homeschooling. He who pays the Piper calls the tune. We want mom and dad to call the tune, not the state. Homeschooling is not expensive, it's biggest expense is mom's time (and mom's time is also thereby freed to care for granny as well). Those who accept "school choice" funds to "homeschool" will be putting all homeschoolers at risk of Orwellian regulation. And thereby putting true homeschooling at risk, just as SSM puts marriage at risk)

rohrbachs said...

Oh and one more individual benefit and one more collective benefit of homeschooling. First, it makes dad more reliable to his employer when schools close down. Second, it denies big globalism the marginal tax on mom's income. Homeschooling wealth is private wealth, a great legacy to freedom.

Do we insist that all families must report to the public dining room (yet) for collective dinners? No, that would be called a concentration camp. And yet we provide soup kitchens for those who need it.

Homeschooling freedom is a precious exceptionalism to America. Use it or lose it.

rohrbachs said...

Carlyle struts its stuff.

That doesn't mean we should not have voted against McAuliffe, it means we need to guard and hold Youngkin to the GOP platform (which Trump had tried to molest in past with rape exceptions, which Youngkin shares). The platform currently insists on one man/one woman marriage, but Youngkin may very well grease his "school choice" funds to fuel ssm "foster" couples taking "care" of children taken from "dissident" parents. Read Brave New World. Beware of politicians pretending to be prolife or pro-parent. Be sure they are pro-Mom-and-Dad! Both Trump and Trumpkin are showing their "gay" colors.