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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Guest Post: It's Time to Just Say "NO!" by Fr. Bill Aitcheson

"Devout Catholic" pro-abort Joe Biden meets "his" pope, Francis Who-Am-I-to-Judge.


by Fr. Bill Aitcheson

"But Peter and the apostles answering said: 'We ought to obey God rather than men'" Acts 5:29

After being warned by the Sanhedrin not to preach and teach in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, St. Peter and the other holy apostles, filled with the Holy Ghost; continued to proclaim the truth about the Lord while healing in his name. The refusal to obey the corrupt Sanhedrin was a truly free act inspired by fidelity to the Lord Jesus above all else. 

In imitation of the holy apostles, we must say "No!" to the corrupt ruling class, "their pope," Francis, as well as their attempts to dominate and control us. We need to be deliberately disobedient by doing what the present ruling class does not want us to do. The key to this disobedience is for us to be peaceable, nonviolent, and persevering in doing the good.

The most simple act of saying "No!" is just going about our business as free people, refusing to succomb to the latest induced paranoia about the Wuhan virus. This paranoia is all about domination and control of a. free people by the ruling class and its minions in the "dominant media culture," the bloated bureaucracies, "virtue signaling" politicians, and most of the "careerist" bishops pliant to the interests of the ruling class. 

"Devout Catholic" pro-abort, Nancy Pelosi, loves "her" pope, Francis Who-Am-I-to-Judge.

Say "No!" to the control mechanisms of the ruling class: the masks that don't work against a virus, the shot that doesn't prevent us from getting the Wuhan virus or from spreading it, and the rest of the social acrobatics. The so-called "vaccine" is a placebo and the mask a symbol of bondage to the State.

Everything the ruling class does is to advance the power of their concept of the State, while the nation means nothing to them. The State is over all, is all and in all, with no one or anything beyond itself.

This is what Pope Pius XI of blessed memory called "Statolatry," a form of idol worship.* The ruling class is anti-democratic, especially when we see the suppression of freedom of speech by corporatist thugs and the severe curtailing of the free exercise of religion supported by most of our bishops.

It's time to just say "No!"

*Pope Pius XI's encyclical, Non Abbiamo Bisogno (June29, 1931) was written during the conflict between Mussolini and the Holy See. The fascist government created its own youth organizations to propagandize children with its values and to stamp out the Catholic Action movement throughout Italy. Taking over the hearts and minds of children represents a primary goal of all atheistic totalitarian regimes. Religious sensibilities are a threat to tyranny. Take note about what is happening in our own day with critical race theory, systemic race theory, and propaganda in the schools against all members of the white race. History is repeating itself. 

The pope uses the term "statolatry" in paragraph 44:

And here We find Ourselves confronted by a mass of authentic affirmations and no less authentic facts which reveal beyond the slightest possibility of doubt the resolve (already in great measure actually put into effect) to monopolize completely the young, from their tenderest years up to manhood and womanhood, for the exclusive advantage of a party and of a regime based on an ideology which clearly resolves itself into a true, a real pagan worship of the State - the "Statolatry" which is no less in contrast with the natural rights of the family than it is in contradiction with the supernatural rights of the Church. To propose and to promote such a monopoly to persecute for this reason Catholic Action, as has been done for some time more or less openly or under cover to reach this end by striking at the Catholic Association of Youth as has lately been done; all this is truly and literally to "forbid the little children to go to Jesus Christ," since it impedes their access to His Church and where His Church is, there is Jesus Christ. This usurpation goes so far as to snatch the young from Christ and His Church even with violence.

It is, indeed, as Fr. Aitcheson points out, time to SAY "NO!" Read the encyclical and consider the history of the time. Fascism was on the rise with total state control. Laws were passed suppressing freedom of worship, freedom of speech, freedom of movement. 

Sound familiar? 

This is how it happens. If we don't say "No!" now, we will soon lose the ability to say, "No!" without risking imprisonment and persecution. 

Christ our King, have mercy on us!

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