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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Catholic Vote Election Analysis: The Country is on a Roll -- ON TO THE MIDTERMS!


rohrbachs said...

Youngkin pointedly leaned *away* from Trump and that is the lesson. Gillespie leaned towards Trump/confedophile and that's how we got Northam.

But the larger lesson is not to rest on election laurels. We made that mistake with
djt and not only did GOP get smeared as racists in year 1 but GOP was made complicit with warp speed on the finale year. All for someone who was "the most gay friendly president ever" and would *never have abolished abortion* considering the rape exceptions he had wanted to impose on GOP platform.

Luckily, GOP resisted the attempted platform rape. Let's *hold Youngkin* to the platform and get abortion abolished for our nation's 250th birthday. Created Equal 2026.

rohrbachs said...

Case in point: