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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Disney is Totally Off the Rails with Gay Beauty and the Beast

And there's the lust between Lumiere & the french maid.
Disney's new version of Beauty and the Beast is no family film, that's for sure. (The original cartoon wasn't either for that matter.) But this new offering includes a specifically feminist Belle and an obvious (rather than implied) gay LeFou. Families should shun this movie in droves.

Frankly, I hated the original cartoon version with all the subtle and not-so-subtle anti-male, anti-family, and anti-Christian messages.

Belle feels nothing but contempt for her neighbors (They're so provincial -- probably traditional Republicans). Her father is a fool (Aren't all men, especially dads?). Gaston is a brute who actually wants to MARRY Belle (Oh, the horror of it!) and  keep her barefoot and pregnant. (Yuck, babies! Doesn't he realize that Belle is a modern woman?) During the invasion of the Beast's castle one of the bad guys is dressed like a monk with a cross around his neck and a satanic look on his face. (Did you miss that when you watched the cartoon?)

Then there is the excessive brutal violence including Gaston who is evil incarnate stabbing the beast in the back. It's kind of a horrifying movie for children if you ask me. There was absolutely NO violence in the original fairy tale, but, hey, like they say...If it bleeds, it leads. And an invasion scene offers so many opportunities for subliminal messages.

Oh, but in the end the beast turns into a gentle, tame metro-sexual who's a good dancer, so everyone lives happily ever after.

Disney has been pushing the envelope for years. The director of the Hunchback of Notre Dame once said he could never have gotten the lascivious bits through if it hadn't been a cartoon. I've never watched it so I can't comment. But on the whole, Disney has become such a sewer that their films deserve a place in the sewage treatment plant with the flushes from the toilet.


  1. I didn't like the Disney original. Belle saw herself as better than her drab little neighbors. Her first song is to whine about her boring provincial life while her neighbors all go about their lives and kindly take a moment to say "Good morning," to her while she is privately belittling them. Disney is about social manipulation. I don't envy parents of young kids who face peer pressure to buy Disney merchandise but we can live with out the company just fine if we try.