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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Palliative Care Stops Being "Care" When it Seeks to Hasten Death!

If you have a loved one receiving "palliative care" you need to know what's happening in that field. There are many programs promoting a new type of palliative care, one that aims at hastening death through deliberate neglect, over-medication, and denial of any life-extending treatment. Is it "palliative care" to refuse ordinary (and inexpensive) antibiotics to a patient suffering from pneumonia? No! Is it "palliative care" to refuse food and water to a patient whose digestive system can absorb the nutrients? No! Is it palliative care to over-sedate a patient until he dies? No! But that is the direction of the new palliative care in many circumstances, often with the goal of saving money on useless eaters.

Read these articles to educate yourself on palliative care so you can advocate for yourself and your loved ones during those difficult times when life is nearing its end. Help your loved ones to continue living with respect and dignity until God, not the palliative care team, calls them home.

Today’s ‘palliative care’ disrespects the natural law

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