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Sunday, March 12, 2017

No Federal Funding for any College Violating Free Speech

Have any of these students read Charles Murray's books?
Can any of them read anything more difficult than  Dr. Seuess?
How Middlebury College Enabled Student Riots

It's getting a little tiresome to see the anarchists shouting down speakers with whom they disagree. How many of these students receive taxpayer funding while they engage in their ranting tantrums? And what don't they understand about free speech? I have no doubt these spoiled brats would welcome an atheist, satanist, former Weather Underground member, perhaps even a serial killer like Charles Manson. But a conservative or libertarian -- forget it!

Middlebury College (and all other colleges and universities) should be denied federal funding if they can't demonstrate the ability to control their campuses and defend the free speech rights of student groups who don't fit the leftist cookie cutter! Conservative student groups have the right to invite speakers with ideas outside the Democrats' talking points. If schools can't do that, cut the funds! We've coddled these spoiled brats for too long. Arrest them when they do this and when Mommy comes to bail them out with cookies and ice cream, send them home. Let parents deal with their tantrums!

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  1. To me the disappointing thing is that this kind of clear violation of free speech is actually supported by the faculty and students of these pretend centers of learning. If you views are so weak that they are threatened by someone disagreeing with you, than what does that say about the soundness of your convictions. It's pathetic and worse because it highlights the fact that the students are indoctrinated not educated. Very, very sad!