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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Get out the crying towel! -- MSM Journalists are Losing some of their Perks!

Press enjoy John Kerry's hospitality on trip to Egypt. 
I've never in my life flown first class (or even business class). I can't even imagine what it must be like to travel on Air Force one with the President or on one of the other government jets with high level executives. Think of all the little perks on board. Yes, I know, they pay the government the equivalent of first class trave. Does anybody really think that covers the costs?

I'm sure many mainstream media reporters consider this kind of access to the high and mighty their divine right! Hey, they're the movers and shakers in charge of telling us poor dummies what to think. So their dissatisfaction with the current decision of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to travel without them is unsurprising. According to Reuters:

The State Department Correspondents' Association said in a statement that it was "disappointed" Tillerson chose to travel to Asia without a full contingent of media "or even a pool reporter" and called for access to Tillerson equal to that given by the reporter on the plane during his trip to Asia
Let's see, these are the same journalists always shilling for global warming and the necessity to reduce the global footprint. Shouldn't they be delighted that the Trump administration is scaling down to a more cost effective method of travel?

I'm delighted with this and with the press corps hissy-fit over their reduced access. They think they can lie and spin their liberal bias without any consequences. Let them pay for their own drinks and snacks and ride on the same aircraft with the hoi polloi they despise. It's probably the only time they brush shoulders with people who don't look like them and have the same opinions. Somehow I doubt, even with this development, they'll be riding in the cheap seats.

Read more about the media crybabies here.

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