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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Is Judas on the Throne of Peter?

Jesus gave the keys to Peter, but today the Church seems to be in the hands of Judas. I'm sorry to say it, but if you have eyes to see you can't be blind to the evil going on in Vatican City. Allowing a man who is in Satan's pocket, Paul Ehrlich, to speak at a Vatican conference is diabolical. And he's not the only one. The entire conference smells of sulfur. And it's not the first one.

I'd like to say Pope Francis defends the faith. Sometimes he appears to be doing so using nice, orthodox-sounding words, but then he turns around and does something (or says something) totally opposite: he undermines dogma, e.g., the indissolubility of marriage, or insults orthodox Catholics as "rigid," lacking in compassion, and even psychologically damaged.

Remember when Jesus told his disciples to follow the words of the Pharisees but not to follow their example? (Matt 23:1-12) Why would he tell his apostles, "The scribes and the Pharisees have succeeded Moses as teachers; therefore, do everything and observe everything they tell you. but do not follow their example."?

Let me repeat the question. Why did Jesus tell his followers to follow the teachings of the Pharisees? Because they upheld the traditional doctrines of Judaism unlike the Sadducees who were the modernizers. The Sadducees did not believe in an afterlife; they did not believe in the Resurrection. They denied the existence of angels and demons. Like materialists today, they undermined the doctrines of the faith. If you couldn't see it, hear it, smell it, measure it; it didn't exist.

Who is the man on Peter's throne today? Is a he a Pharisee, a Sadducee, or a combination of both? Is he the humble, compassionate, holy man the modern world presents or is he a proud and arrogant tyrant imposing false doctrines on the Church through vague and ambiguous teachings like his Arian forebear, Pope Liberius, the first pope after St. Peter who was NOT canonized a saint?

We are called to discern the spirits and the spirit coming out of the Vatican these days (and many dioceses as well) is surrounded by smoke. It's time for faithful laity to pull the fire alarm.

Please join me in praying a Memorare every day for Pope Francis.

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TLM said...

A good idea Mary Ann.....the 'Memorare'. I do keep him in my Rosary, but yes, the Memorare would be quite efficacious. And yes indeed I believe with all my heart we have a 'Judas' in the Chair of Peter. Francis 'tweeted', I believe yesterday, an Ash Wednesday message for people to 'convert' this lent. I tweeted extending the same invitation to 'The Holy Father'. What I do believe we need to pray for is his conversion to Catholicism.

'Remember O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known.....