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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Trump Scorecard: How does America look almost two months after the inauguration?

Jobs and wages are up. It's too early to attribute all this to President Trump, but it surely shows an optimism in the business sector.

The debt is down. Unlike his predecessor who increased the debt from the minute he stepped into the White House, Donald Trump has decreased the tax burden on our children and grandchildren. Keep it up, Mr. President!

Trump is spurring "economic optimism" in the stock market. You say you don't care? This impacts the retirement accounts of millions of people!

Jobs Report: Manufacturing Industry Sector Posts Largest Gains In Two Decades… I'm sure the miners and steelworkers are happy to be going back to work. My husband is from Wheeling and he watched many of his relatives lose their jobs as the steel plants and coal mines shut down. I'm sure there are a lot of his friends and family smiling these days!

Border Crossings are Down Using the bully pulpit is already having an impact on the number of illegals crossing the border. Texans are especially grateful since there have been thousands of sex crimes in their state against children committed by illegal aliens.

More to come as we watch the political scene. Please pray for the president every day -- at least one Hail Mary. He needs all the supernatural help he can get!

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  1. And arrests up in the area of sexual abuse of kids! The MSM is silent on that!