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Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Neo-Guillotine Culture

I'm only posting pictures tonight to give you an idea of the Neo-Guillotine Culture fomenting out there, just like it was in the pre-French Revolution days.

Oakland opposes election of President Trump

The fun Occupy Wall Street crowd
Pre-Brexit England
Post-Brexit England 
Apparently Sigmar Gabriel better watch out
Drum roll in Canada for universities
Nostalgic photo shoot in Guatemala
And of course the always clever Muslims
who still behead people by hand


  1. If there is not a murder in Oakland on any given day, it is news. A very holy friend of mine who passed away several years ago called it "the place to nowhere". Sad but true.

  2. In my last post, I meant "If there is not a shooting or murder on a given day."

  3. It's chilling to read their sign: Make the Guillotine Red Again". The liberals want to line us up like they did during the French Revolution and kill everyone who doesn't agree with them. They're rabid dogs foaming at the mouth with flecks of froth spewing forth from the sides of their mouth whenever they scream their vile hatred.

  4. What they forget is that in the end the very ones who started the French Revolution ended up under the Guillotine themselves. What goes around, sooner or later comes around.