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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

In Case You Missed the President's Address Last Night...

Looks presidential to me!


  1. Nope....didn't miss it....watched EVERY MINUTE. It was AWESOME!! HE was AWESOME!! Presidential, Articulate, laying out what he's already done, and what's in the works, inviting UNITY! Not really sure if even President Reagan ever presented such an awesome speech.

  2. Universal child care is not awesome. Creating government jobs instead of unleashing the free market is not awesome. Talk is cheap.

  3. It was tremendous. I'm a strong Trump supporter but I didn't expect that speech. He continues to surprise.

  4. Creating government jobs? Did we hear the same speech? I heard him talk about freezing government and investing in the infrastructure which would create NON-GOVERNMENT jobs. Yes, he talked about increasing the military, but we have spent eight years gutting our self-defense which is an invitation to attack.

    And I'm all for protectionist policies that put tariffs on foreign goods so China can't continue to deluge us with junk and their lower quality merchandise. Engineers make their building plans based on a certain quality of steel. Do you want to work on the 120th floor of a skyscraper made with Chinese steel? I'm thrilled to see him call for American steel. China can't even make a pencil with the lead in the middle so that when you sharpen the pencil the point is all lead.

    I'm not for universal child care, but I'm not sure he said that. Besides, there are lots of single moms who need help to make it if they want off welfare. Assisting them is not bad thing.

    And to here God acknowledged by our commander in chief is a blessing.

  5. Assisting single moms can come through local churches who will not have a communist agenda. Daycare centers are the new government you wonder why we have so many transgender children, for example???

    Government schools should be diminished, not provided free to everyone however wealthy. It should be like soup kitchens, a place for the needy, where you wouldn't think of showing up for a meal with a middle class income.

    Unfortunately all too often it's the doubledipping career couples who trundle their children into the public school, when they very possibly *could* homeschool their children.

  6. I agree that more should be done through the churches and the local communities. I have mixed feelings about school choice. It depends on how it's done. If the vouchers are done like my understanding of the GI bill which lets the individual choose and puts no restrictions on the schools it would be fine. If the money comes with strings forcing the schools to be politically correct zones -- HELL NO!