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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Share This with All the Pregnant and New Moms you Know

My healthy little grandson after birth.  
Bad Advice from Lactation Experts Contributes to Baby's Death

This could have happened to me with my first baby. I had a "knock-em-out-drag-em-out doc" who anesthetized me during the birth. By the time I woke up, my baby was gone to the nursery. Because I'd been knocked out they didn't bring her until the next morning about 17 hours after delivery. I tried to nurse and did for the three days in the hospital. She must have gotten enough to prevent dehydration, but my milk never came in properly. 

My mom was down to help and kept saying. This baby is hungry; you need to give her a bottle. Thank God I listened. I ended up giving up on the nursing about ten days later. I just didn't have enough milk. I'll always wonder if they gave me the dry-up shot while I was unconscious. 

Anyway, share this story with every expectant and new mom you know. You may save a little one's life.

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