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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Almsgiving for Lent: Meet My Friend Maggie and Support the Unborn

GAP graphically portrays the insanity of "choice."
Did you ever participate in a rescue at an abortion mill or a Face the Truth Tour showing the public
what abortion really is? Have you ever prayed the rosary in front of an abortion mill during 40 Days for Life or helped to save a baby through sidewalk counseling or working at a pregnancy help center? Many people are thoroughly pro-life, but can't be involved in direct action. Many wish they could do more. 

You can!

I want to introduce you to my friend, Maggie Egger. She's a second generation sidewalk soldier. I rescued babies at abortion mills many times with her Dad during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Pro-life activism saves lives. As for Maggie -- the apple didn't fall far from the tree. 

Maggie (on right), a witness for life

After Maggie graduated from college, she didn't want a "normal" job. Filled with zeal to defend life she joined the Center for Bioethical Reform in Virginia. CBR (a nationwide organization) sponsors GAP, the Genocide Awareness Project, that takes a huge display to college campuses. It illustrates the many forms of injustice used against the weak throughout history. On liberal college campuses GAP witnesses often face ridicule and attacks, but they touch hearts and minds with their calm and prayerful witness to the truth. Maggie helps to organize, train, and participate in these events in the mid-Atlantic region. She's a pro-life dynamo who educates with facts and a smile. 

But Maggie needs to raise her her own salary and that's where we come in. Not everybody can be out in front of abortion mills. Not everybody can stand on a college campus or a busy street with signs, but everybody can pray and many can provide financial support. Maggie especially needs regular monthly donors.  

I'm going to be 70 years old this month and I can't do all that I used to do to protect the babies. So my husband and I support Maggie with a monthly donation. She's our sidewalk surrogate out on the front lines of the abortion wars. Won't you join us? You can give a one-time Lenten donation or become one of Maggie's regular donors. She's a missionary for life and you can join that mission with your prayers and financial support. 

It's missionary work where some give by going and others go by giving. Please be a missionary to the unborn by supporting Maggie. 
GAP reaches hundreds of kids on campuses who talk about
what they've seen for weeks after the event.

You can give to Maggie directly. If you want to "meet" her before making a donation here's her She'd love to hear from you.

You can also donate online at: To designate your donation for Maggie click "Designation" and select "Virginia Project Director (SE-MTE)". Then click "Add Donation" and the rest is pretty self explanatory. 

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