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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Let the Shaming and Bullying Begin!

Safe space for children in Alabama!
Christian theater owners refuse to show ‘Beauty and the Beast’ over LGBT agenda

When uglifying fashion designer, Sophie Theallet (Yes, I made that word up which you'll understand if you look at her work) said she wouldn't design a dress for Melania Trump, there wasn't a peep out of the liberal media. If anything, they applauded her for her character. Nobody yelled bigotry. Nobody said she didn't have a right to refuse clientele because of her beliefs.

Now substitute "wedding cake" or "flower arrangement" or "photography services" or "pizza" or whatever for the word "designer dress." How come it's okay for Theallet to exercise bigotry against a prospective client but for a baker to refuse ONLY to bake ONE TYPE OF CAKE or a photographer to nix ONE TYPE OF EVENT brings a landslide of abuse along with ACLU thugs and a lawsuit.

There are a few things to note in the article about the theater owners. First of all, if I were the drive-in owners, I wouldn't have said anything; I just wouldn't have shown the film. No need to look for trouble. However, perhaps they were getting lots of calls about when Beauty and the Beast was coming and felt they needed to say something. They just took over and were alerting the community that they planned to run a family drive-in.  Don't they have the right to show the films they decide are appropriate family viewing. 

Or do they?

Not according to a drive-in in Buffalo whose owners criticized the Alabama theater for "censorship" and made the stupid statement that “We choose our movie lineups based primarily upon anticipated popularity [Hey, porn is popular.] and earning potential, [Some people will do anything for money!]  and never our personal, political, or religious beliefs....Transit Drive-In will be opening on March 17-19, proudly showing Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Be Our Guest.” 

And, of course, the shaming began. The Buffalo owners stated they were “extremely disappointed that a fellow drive-in business owner would go out of their way to publicly diminish a group of people based upon their personal beliefs.” 

Huh? Isn't that exactly what Transit did to the Christian theater owners -- "diminishing them for their personal beliefs?" How dare they publicly act on the Christian principles they profess! 

But in today's world tolerance is a one-way street. Those who go against the diabolical zeitgeist better get used to bullying, shaming, and name-calling. If I lived in that Alabama town I'd make a point of going to that drive-in, that's for sure. I hope every Christian within fifty miles takes their kids and grandkids there. 

And while you're thinking about Disney and what it's become in the last fifty thrity years, why not sign the LifeSiteNews boycott petition and the petition from One Million Moms. Send this perverted company a message that at least some of us will fight their corruption of our children no matter how many times they try to bully and shame us!


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  2. Gay people exist.

  3. Accountants exist. There. Now we've both said something completely irrelevant to this story. (Anonymous March 9, 2017 at 3:31 AM and I.)