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Friday, March 31, 2017

The Case for Christ Opens April 7th: I'm Going!

Jesus never asks for blind faith. The evidence is compelling!
I read The Case for Christ several years ago after I picked it up at our family lawyer's office. An out and proud Christian, he had a whole stack of the books he was giving away. I took one, read it, loved it, and bought a six-pack to give away myself. The author, Lee Strobel, isn't a Catholic. He was originally an atheist, an investigative reporter and began his search to disprove Christianity. In the course of his research, however, which he conducted like a court case, the evidence overcame his disbelief.

Yes, Virginia, the evidence for Jesus Christ being exactly who he said He was is compelling.

What does Strobel examine? The forensic evidence, the eyewitness testimony, the documents from contemporaries, the archaeological evidence. and on and on. Buy the book here and, if you want to buy and share like I did, get the six pack for only $19.99.

I'll be at the movie on the first day since it's supposed to be in Winchester. I hope it's near you too. Let's give The Case for Christ a boost by going the first weekend if it's at a theater near you!


  1. Mary, I have "The Case for Christ" film on dvd. Copyright 2007 by La Mirada Films. It's based on Strobel's book by the same name. Approx. 71 minutes run time. How does this movie you reference differ or is it the same film?

  2. The dvd "The Case for Christ" mentioned above is available from Amazon.

  3. I don't know. Have you seen the trailer? It's obviously different because in the movie coming out Friday, Strobel doesn't play himself. So perhaps the earlier movie is more of a documentary? That's what it's listed as. I haven't seen it and didn't know about the earlier film, but this looks to be more of the story of his conversion in the midst of the investigation.

  4. Okay....I did some research.

    This new movie is new. It's a docudrama with actors portraying the story that Strobel told in his book "The Case for Christ." The dvd I referred to above is a documentary that includes, among other things, actual interviews with Strobel about his book. So...two different films. Below is a trailer for this new movie, aka a docudrama of Strobel's book, but not a documentary.

  5. Thanks, acardnal. It's in Winchester tomorrow and I hope to go to the evening showing.