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Thursday, March 9, 2017

George Soros: The Feminists' Sugar Daddy

Mad hatters' tea party in Washington. 
One hundred groups that participated in the women's march as "partners," the same groups behind "A Day without a Woman," are really George's girls -- bought and paid for to the tune of almost $250 million. See The Man behind the Women.

Does this strike anyone else as hilarious? 

These girls talk about what a day without women would look like, while they advance the agenda of one of the world's most powerful MEN who happily pulls the strings of  his "useful idiots."

Seems to me these ladies of "the day" are simply George's "call girls" since he calls the shots with his big bucks. Isn't that just another way of prostituting women? 

The mad hatter himself pulling the strings!
The girls will assure us they think for themselves, but don't ask them why they do what they do and expect a coherent answer. They'll foment about Donald Trump being a misogynist, a homophobe, an Islmophobe, etc., etc., etc., who mistreats women and doesn't believe in equal pay (no evidence), and wants to deny them their "reproductive right" to kill their babies (takes horny men off the hook, eh?) - yadda, yadda, yadda. 

They're well schooled in the Democrats' talking points, and, to be sure, this all about politics not principles. Did any of these women march when Bill Clinton was raping and groping women? Nope! They happily reelected him. Did any of them protest when Sen. Chuck Schumer called a female flight attendant a "bi**h" for asking him (in accordance with flight rules) to turn off his cell phone? No again.

Republican politicians also commit sexual sins and generally pay for it with lost elections. Democrats usually survive because lying and cheating is part of the Democrats' way of life. Integrity doesn't matter to most Democrat politicians and their close cronies. And they seem to use run-of-the-mill Democrats as their brainwashed mobs. We've seen that played out day after day since the election.

Republicans were just as concerned over Obama as Democrats are over Trump, but you didn't see daily violent demonstrations with Republicans screaming "not my president!" That's because conservatives haven't sunk to the level of barbarians. 

Get used to it folks! We may be on the brink of the American version of the French Revolution. If that happens it's going to get a lot worse! Hang on to your rosaries!

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James the Convert said...

One of many oligarchs of Jewish descent who continually stir conflict to destroy Christian morality and family. Rothchild said he didn't care what the government was, he just wanted their money.