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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Feminism Isn't About Choice, It's About Equality -- and Other Lies Liberals Tell

Some moms find home schooling the best choice of all!
"It's my body!"
"I should earn the same as men!"
"I can use whatever bathroom I want!" 
"The government can't tell me who to marry!"

Do these cries sound familiar? They're the anthem of modern day radical feminists. You know the ones who organized the women's march against Trump and national call-in-sick-to-work day. But, wouldn't you know, one Australian woman is turning the feminist agenda on its head. In an article for the Daily Telegraph, editor in chief, Sarrah Le Marquand asserts that no women with school age children should legally be allowed to stay home. That's right - NO CHOICE! She wants to force women to work. It's funny because in the next breath she's lauding the idea of giving women six months paid maternity leave (because that's equal- please tell me any situation in which men get 6 months paid leave).

Today, totally unaware of this article, I posted a video on Facebook created by stay at home mothers. They were singing the song of their people - the outrage that so many judge stay at home mothers and their choice to stay home. How under-appreciated they are! No one understands! I rolled my eyes at the video as I found it divisive and, to be honest, WHO CARES?

Home schoolers work hard and play hard!
Some women choose to work and some choose to stay home and some don't have a choice either way. Maybe, just maybe, making a video about it makes you look a little bitter, childish, and downright judgmental. (The irony of a video whining about judging with lots of nasty judgmental comments is not lost on me.)

Personally, I have never had someone tell me that I'm wasting my life staying at home with my children. Mmaybe the half crazed, sleep-deprived look in my eyes deters them. If they did, I think I'd just give them the look of death and carry on my merry homeschooling way. It never occurred to me that there could be someone, somewhere believing the government should have a say in how we structure our families. Are you kidding me? 

But, as Marquand said, feminism isn't about choice, it's about equality. So, while we're at it, let's make it illegal for men to ever take any leave of absence. (They don't have the excuse of childbirth to give them those six months mentioned above). Let's make higher education (and the skyrocketing price tag) mandatory. How about childcare? As soon as maternity leave is over (remember we want extended leave for that), it should be illegal for moms to care for their babies from the hours of 9 am to 5 pm. While we're at it, how about the government implementing aptitude testing and dictating the job that every person takes. Does that sound ridiculous to you? too.

Women deserve equal pay and equal job opportunities, but Heaven forbid they make decisions about who raises their children. Well, maybe they can - just as long as they pay someone else to do it, because what value is there in teaching the next generation to be responsible, well educated citizens? A lot. But, apparently only if someone other than a parent is doing the teaching.

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  1. The question should be turned on its head. Two-career parents should use their hefty salaries to pay for their own schooling rather than expecting the taxpayers to foot the bill. If you can't afford to pay for school with the salaries you make, maybe consider homeschooling!

    Ultimately, the government schools should be serving as small a population as a soup kitchen does - it should be only for those who really need it, not yuppies who want a free ride.

    Those who can, homeschool!