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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Like Father Like Sons! No Wonder the Church is in Such a Mess!

Get out the extra strength Excedrin. 
We all know the pope is a big believer in man-made global warming, obviously a top priority among his moral concerns since it was the subject of his first encyclical, Laudato Si. Unlike many scientists, the pope has no reservations about the accuracy of the climate change crowd (who incidentally make lots of money doing the Chicken Little dance). Unfortunately, many of the pope's spiritual sons in the U.S. have jumped on the bandwagon.

U.S. Bishops Tell Secretary of State their Top Foreign Policy Concern is Global Warming:

Not babies being murdered in the womb, not forced abortion in China, not sex selection abortions in Asia, not ISIS beheading Christians, not human trafficking, not mutilation of little girls and child sex abuse. Nope -- global warming.  Read the press release here and the letter in the bishops' names here. Note that Catholic Relief Services which is notorious for promoting moral evils is one of the signers. Note that the letter promotes the Green Climate Fund, an organization of the U.N. that promotes the most extreme positions on global warming. And we should trust this U.N. group why?
Somebody please put these USCCB reps on medication
And then there's the casuistry of Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio which echoes that of Pope Francis:

The False and Dangerous Coccopalmerio Gambit 
This man essentially says using moral blackmail to force a person to do your will is no problemo and can justify a person remaining in a sinful situation. On top of that, it can justify a priest giving the person permission to commit a sacrilege that is then defined as not a sacrilege. Is your head spinning?
Put Coccopalmerio on a double-dose of meds! 
Insanity seems to be the default position of many high clerics in the Church today. That must be why they want Obamacare -- to pay for all their psychiatric meds.  As for the rest of us, we need extra strength Excedrin!

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