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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

We've Seen this Before: The New Community Organizer on the Block is Indivisible!

Vendee version of
Viva Cristo Rey
You've seen it on college campuses. You've seen it at Trump rallies. You've seen it in Ferguson and other Black Lives Matter riots. You've seen it used by PICO, VOICE, ACORN, GAMALIEL, and the Industrial Areas Foundation. It's the Alinskyite community organizing tactics: any and all strategies, moral or immoral, to accomplish their goals. It's power by mob action. 

Whether they use money or psychological techniques, it's all about manipulating a mob to get what you want. The leaders of the French Revolution were so good at it they killed over 100,000 including the extermination of men, women, and children who were fighting for faith and freedom in the Vendee. Those French people weren't nobles; they were almost all peasants. They never oppressed anyone. What they did do was resist the murder and imprisonment of their priests and the closing of their churches. They wore the image of the Sacred Heart on their clothing as they fought. 

And how did the revolutionaries respond? Here are the words of one of their generals (Waterman) who described his successful assault on the Vendee:
"...there is no Vendée. It has perished, with its women and children, under our sword of freedom. Following your orders, I have crushed the children under our horses' hooves, and massacred the women - they will bear no more children for those brigands. I have not taken a single prisoner."
It was genocide against the Christians. That's what the fight is about today as well, folks. Why do liberals hate Trump and his supporters so much? Because we put God above the wicked desires of the human heart. And they will not tolerate ANYONE who says that abortion, fornication, sodomy, and other moral evils are wrong and sinful. Who supports liberal causes? Abortionists and their supporters, homosexual activists, sexual libertines, pornographers, lewd celebrities, eugenicists, euthanasia advocates. It's all about evil masquerading as human rights.

The newest group, Indivisible, is organizing around the country to wreak havoc at town hall meetings and other events held by conservatives. They claim they aren't funded by George Soros, but some of their leaders have ties to the billionaire. This is just the latest assault on Western Civilization and if we don't fight back we may ultimately see our country leveled by their moral turpitude like the devastation inflicted on the Vendee.

It can't happen here? That's what the Jews thought in Germany, and the Tutsis in Rwanda. Did the Mexicans expect to see their countrymen hanging on trees? We are not immune. A country that has tolerated 56,000 million murdered babies, that contracepts its families out of existence, that allows a constant stream of filth on television and the internet cannot expect to be immune from diabolical evil which results in divine retribution. The Lord often punishes countries by allowing Satan a free rein. If we won't be ruled by God we will be ruled by the Prince of this World who uses people and then destroys them.

Pray and fight with every spiritual weapon in God's arsenal especially the Mass and the rosary. The future of our children and grandchildren depends on it.

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