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Monday, April 29, 2013

Ban Knives?


How do you think a liberal responds to this story? Does he praise the man with the gun who used it to save God-only-knows how many people from injury or run to the section of the store where knives are displayed and pull them all off the shelves screaming, "Knife control! Knife control!"?


Emily said...

Liberal response:
Stories where guns save the day - 1
Stories where guns take innocent lives - 3000 and counting (this year alone)

How very pro-life of you to cheer for the guns. How very hypocritical for you to call me pro-death.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Take a deep breath, Emily. I didn't call you anything that I'm aware of -- except maybe a liberal. Do you prefer progressive, the new name for liberal?

You on the other hand called me a hypocrite. Tut-tut. Name-calling is not an argument. Guns are tools like knives and axes and bows and arrows. Bad people can use them to do evil things. Bad people use other tools to do evil things as well. Arsonists use matches and gasoline to burn buildings. Terrorists explode pressure cookers and airplanes. Muggers sometimes use baseball bats.

A lot more people are murdered by abortionists using suction machines than people using guns. I think we should ban abortion!

As for your data -- you don't offer any.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Emily, I noticed something else that's flawed in your thinking. Guns don't save the day; they also don't take innocent lives. That is done by the people wielding them and is done according to their predilections. They are tools. Banning specific tools won't stop any violence. Not only did the Boston bombings occur with no guns, but so did the 9-11 attacks. Mary Ann was not cheering for the gun but for the man who used it wisely - and of course we're grateful that it was available for him to use as were the other folks in that store, no doubt.

Mary Ann raised a good point. Abortions take the lives of 3500 babies every day. If you want to eradicate violence, of course you will do all in your power to end abortion - won't you?