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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

In the News

Gary Bauer: If GOP abandons marriage ‘I will take as many people’ out of the party as possible 
(Keep praying!)

Another Exclusive Party at W.H.—at Taxpayer Expense
(But no White House tours...just watch it on PBS.)

Archbp. Vigneron: Catholics who push same-sex marriage should not receive Communion
(Good for AB Vigneron! May many of his brother bishops follow his example.)

Jim Wallis Now Supports Same-Sex Marriage
(Sojourners has always been a leftist rag. Now its CEO is showing just how unchristian they are. Jesus would never sanction sodomy as "marriage.")

(Lincoln has been a real bishop maker in the past decade, thanks be to God. May they continue to leaven the Church with good men.)

(And we should be giving these helpless kids to homosexual predators? Next thing, we'll be normalizing pedophilia and mandating pedophiles' right to adoption. Nothing like young, fresh meat for your dining pleasure.)

1 comment:

  1. Thank God for Gary Bauer! I'll follow too. The GOP has treated us social conservatives like ugly step-children for too long. But the jig is up after this election. We're supposed to vote GOP if only for the Supreme Court and Roberts kept Obamacare. If they pull a Roe v Wade on same-sex marriage, there will be no reason to stay with the GOP. Not that I'd ever vote for a Democrat... ugh. I haven't been on a political website in months.