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Thursday, April 25, 2013

More Police State Video:

The rhetoric is incredible. All those folks whose homes are being invaded describe being terrified (not by the terrorist, but by the FBI thugs) and then, amazingly, they justify the warrantless searches. Now what would have happened if somebody said, "No, you need a warrant and I'm not leaving my home." Would the SWAT team break down the door, drag them out, and arrest them? Or would they shoot first and ask questions later?

Excuse my cynicism, but this event has all the earmarks of preparing Americans to accept any kind of unconstitutional bullying from the police. What will people say when the cops start going house to house looking for guns like they did in New Orleans? Have you forgotten the little old lady they brutalized? (See video below.)  Do you remember the gun targets of ordinary folks purchased by the feds to lower officers' natural resistance to shooting pregnant women, children and old folks? They're called "No more hesitation targets."

We wouldn't want the police to hesitate before shooting a kid or a pregnant woman. Hey, they already used overkill on that poor old lady in New Orleans.

Wake up, America. Sad to say these "events" whether natural disasters or a terrorist situations give the brown shirts an excuse to violate the rights of citizens.

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