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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Kevorkian Lesson: Gruesome Killers are Fascinated by Death

If Jack Kevorkian, Dr. Death, were still alive he would be 85 next month. The euthanasia activist was an outspoken and enthusiastic advocate for killing the sick and handicapped, something he apparently enjoyed doing personally. He finally ended up in jail for practically daring the government to prosecute him after he gave one man a lethal injection and then released a video showing it. He ended up serving about eight years in jail.

The gruesomeness of the Gosnell trial, with the graphic description of his murders and the grim jokes about the poor little victims reminded me of Jack Kevorkian this week. The only difference? The size of the victims.    How do you get inside the brain of a serial killer? With Kevorkian, it was pretty easy. He left behind a body of paintings that illustrate, I think, that he was a madman. Take a look at his "art" and see if you agree. Frankly, I think he was possessed. He certainly hated religion as the two pictures relating to God illustrate.

"For He is Raised"

"Very Still Life"

I could not find a title for this painting, but it seems to me to indicate a connection between abortion and murder of the weak. Is the emaciated man a symbol for Kevorkian's victims? I wonder how Kevorkian himself saw it, but I expect no matter what he said there is a subliminal message.

"Nearer My God to Thee"

When I looked at this picture I could only imagine that it is a soul being sucked down to hell. And the "god" would have to be the Lord of this world. Did Kevorkian himself grasp life like that as he reached the end? I can't imagine he had a peaceful death.

Abortionists have the same gruesome attitude toward death. If you read The Death Peddlars by Fr. Paul Marx or read reports from abortion meetings infiltrated by pro-lifers you see the macabre jokes and the almost compulsive fascination with death talk. It's creepy. Jack Kevorkian took the creep factor and made it visible for all to see with his "artworks." Interestingly, this most unnatural man died a natural death. May God have mercy on his soul.


Anonymous said...

Jack Kevorkian never killed anyone. So how can you call him a serial killer. The people who died wanted to die and they all pressed the lever on his lethal injection device themselves. So essentially they were all suicides of people who were in the later stages of great suffering.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Wrong. Most of Kevorkian's victims were non-terminal and five had no disease at all.

Obviously the court that convicted him of second degree murder didn't agree with you.