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Thursday, April 4, 2013

This Global "Warming" is Messing with our Bee Plans!

What a spring! We're waiting to get two honeybee nucleus colonies, but it's been too cold and windy for the bees to fly and if they can't fly the queen can't lay because there's no food and pollen to feed the new brood. First our local supplier said he would have our colonies in late March. Then he shrugged and said April. Now he says he won't have any before May. Good grief, is it time to move south? The problem is that if the bees can't get well established before July or thereabouts, they can't make it through the winter.

So give us a little of that famous "global warming." It's cold again today and if it's as windy as the past few days, the bees won't be flying... again. But, I forgot, it's not "global warming" anymore since we haven't had any of that for the past twenty years or so. Now it's "climate change" so the doomsayers can get exciting and wring their hands no matter what happens to the weather. After all, you only get grant money when the sky is falling. As for the honeybees....they'd appreciate a little global warming about now. Me too!

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