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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Should Terrorists be Treated as Enemy Combatants?

Republicans want Boston bombing suspect treated as enemy combatant, sparking Miranda debate

We call it a "war" on terror. When there are clear signs of a connection to global terrorism (pressure cooker bomb fancied by jihadists, connections to Islamic radicalism indicated by tweets, emails, etc.) it seems labeling terrorists as enemy combatants engaged in a war against the American people makes good sense. What do you think? 


Siobhan said...

Just to demonstrated how the liberal mind works: When this happened, two of my co-workers insisted that the terrorists must be NRA white supremacists. When it was revealed that they were muslims , their response was, now we must protect the poor muslims in this country from the NRA white supremacists. They are truly sick people.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Wow! Can't argue with you there. Liberals can never be wrong about the people they hate: gun owners, pro-lifers, those who oppose the homosexual agenda. After all, they are sooooooo tolerant and compassionate and we are sooooooo judgmental. We actually use our "seat of judgment" to examine facts and draw conclusions. And that is a no-no. All their conclusions are based on their compassionate feelings.