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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chris Matthews Foams at the Mouth -- Again!

Chris Matthews never misses an opportunity to opine that the "far right" are guilty of  terror acts. Before the smoke had even cleared in Boston, before police have any idea who perpetrated the atrocity, Matthews, in his typical demagogue style, was accusing "far right domestic terrorists." Somebody get the guy a muzzle. Nobody knows right now who did it. This morning The New York Times reported how little information is currently available. The options are open:
"The bombs could have been set off by radical Islamists from the United States influenced by events or clerics in the Middle East, local extremists on either the left or right, or deranged killers with no ideological agenda."
Hey, maybe it was Chris Matthews? Was he itching for another opportunity to attack the "far right?" Have the Boston cops checked his whereabouts? If it's a-okay to speculate about who did it with nary an iota of evidence, I guess it's okay for somebody to speculate that character assassin Chris Matthews may be movin' on up to the real thing.

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Anonymous said...

Chris Matthews is so disgusting. He spits just about every time he talks. At least it looks like it.