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Monday, April 8, 2013

Pope Francis Makes First Two Episcopal Assignments for U.S....

...and both men were ordained for the Diocese of Lincoln, which seems to me to be an excellent sign. Bishop Bruskewitz was surely one of the most orthodox bishops in the country and one especially reviled by liberals.. The one time I met him, at a fundraising dinner, I also found him to be charming and humble. The two new episcopal assignments are:

Bishop Michael Jackels, current of bishop of Wichita, is being sent to Dubuque.

Msgr. John Folda, currently the rector at the Lincoln seminary, is going to Fargo, North Dakota.

It is interesting to see that his first two American assignments are going to men ordained for one of the most orthodox dioceses in the nation. It will be interesting to watch how these assignments are greeted by Am-church. Read more here.

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Lynne said...

Yes, these are two orthodox priests. Let's pray that we keep this Apostolic Nuncio (who makes the recommendations to the Pope) for as long as possible.