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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hypocrites at HuffPost Finally Pull Back the Curtain and Come Clean!

Huffington Post: “We Made a Decision Not to Cover the Gosnell Trial”

The video on this website is interesting because the lies go on and on. Alex Seitz of Salon has the utter gall to claim that the feminists see Gosnell as basically going back to the back alley and he's the reason we need "safe, legal abortion."

Hello!  Earth to Alex. Gosnell WAS one of those guys offering so-called safe, legal abortion. And it's the abortion establishment that opposes every effort to regulate abortion mills. If Gosnell's abortion mill wasn't inspected for 17 years, it's because the abortion movement OPPOSES any meaningful regulation.

Seitz sets up a dichotomy with "Planned Parenthood" as though women seeking abortion can expect to be treated better at PP. Is he kidding? Check out PP's atrocities here (killing Tonya Reeves in botched abortion in Chicago) and here (filthy "meat market" in Wilmington) and here (botched forced abortion in Colorado) and here (botched abortion in VA Beach) and here (three botched abortions between Thanksgiving and Christmas at St. Louis PP!) and here (botched abortion, ectopic pregnancy misdiagnosed) and here (list of ambulance visits to PP over 20 months). Planned Parenthood does about 40% of the abortions in the U.S. Investigators have uncovered unsanitary conditions, massive Medicaid fraud, botched abortions, massive cover up of statutory rape, etc. This is what Alex Seitz considers "safe" abortion?

Watch this interesting video. It's good to see the media FINALLY talking about Kermit Gosnell. Troy Newman of Operation Rescue West does a great job of presenting the pro-life side of the debate.

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