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Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Little Eight-Year-Old Killed in Boston....

...died the day after his first Holy Communion. Ask for his intercession.

I have a grandson making his first Communion next Saturday. His mom, my daughter, qualified to run in the Boston Marathon next year. This feels awfully close to home.

 Little Martin, please pray for us.


  1. The day after his First Holy Communion....oh yes we ask your intercession dear sweet Martin ....please pray for us and for the world that this senseless violence that is sweeping across the USA will stop ...

  2. That young Muslim certainly sealed his doom when he was filmed setting the backpack with the pressure cooker bomb down in front of those two children -- brother and sister. He showed just how callous he was. Nevertheless, we now have a President so callous that he could not even protect a child who had survived abortion, even to give some sort of comfort til the poor child passed away. If these two show no real repentance, they might just end up in the same place in hell. They seem almost to be two of a kind in some ways.