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Friday, April 5, 2013

Playing the Gender Games: Pregnant "man" has baby - NOT!

More let's pretend. Men don't have babies and women who pretend to be men aren't really men no matter how much testosterone they pump into their bodies. Watch the reporters trip over themselves trying to play the "nuanced" gender game.


Anonymous said...

Selfish, selfish people. After mutilating her body now she wants to screw up her children's minds too. Nothing can ever change her DNA. The LGBT community use these children like pawns in their sick, sick situations. The least they can do is keep children out of all this. In a saner generation, these children would have been taken away from her because she is an unfit mother.

Cathy said...

In a sane generation medicine was not used to create a new gender via mutilation, nor were children given by means of IVF. We are in the middle of a government experiment called rights, and we want everyone accountable except the government and the doctors which made the experiment possible. In a sane generation, children were procreated through natural human intercourse and were born with an assigned gender. In a sane generation, we would have found means to relieve ourselves from an unfit and unaccountable government.

Anonymous said...

Cathy, concerning my last post at 1:44 AM, you are quite right.