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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Liberal Nun Doesn't Bury the Dead, She Votes for Them

Hey, it's one of Alinsky's rules for radicals. The end justifies the means! It may not be Catholic, but it defines the liberal nuns who left the faith behind a long time ago!

From Works of Mercy to Voter Fraud


Anonymous said...

well, nothing surprises me with these polyester "nuns" nowadays but I will say this: I would commit voter fraud in a minute if it would save the life of one pre-born child and I would pay the consequences for doing it!
ps I love your blog. keep it up

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Unfortunately, voting doesn't seem to make much difference. For forty years whether we get Democrats or Republicans abortion goes on and on. And the murder of babies in the third world funded by the U.S. goes on and on as well. I think Mark Crutcher has the right idea -- limit access. If you can keep doctors from doing abortions and get rid of the abortion mills, you'll save babies lives.

And thanks for your kind words about the blog. I'd like to say it's a labor of love, but I think it's just a labor. LOL! St. Paul talks about being compelled. I can relate to that.