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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Would Carnegie Mellon Let a Naked Woman Mock Mohammed?

Duh! NO....they might have the office of the president targeted by a pressure cooker bomb! But hey, it's "all in good fun" if it's mocking the pope! No need to address the bigotry and barbarianism of the student's action. The Catholic League is pointing out the university's double standard and duplicity. 

And how much does it cost to attend this bastion of civility? One of our sons got his Masters at this poor excuse for a university. I will urge him never to give a penny to their alumni fundraisers!

CMU Parade Controversy Over Naked Woman, Dressed As Pope


Anonymous said...

the actions of one doesnt necessarily reflect the actions of the entire group nor does it mean cmu has a double standard. the child abuse scandals by a select group of priests doesnt automatically make the entire catholic institution a bastion of civility even though they ignored it for decades and even after being exposed, they fail to address it in a timely manner.

art pushes boundaries and human ideology. while it may not always be in good taste in our eyes, one must remember that even the celebrated greats, such as michelangelo and davinci, and their masterpieces were controversial when first seen by many.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I'm stunned by your comment. It was a Carnegie Mellon art school event. Are you telling me that the university has no right or duty to develop standards for their events? So if the football team's cheerleaders came out nude from the waist down, that would just be a matter of taste?

I repeat my original question -- Would they let a naked woman mock Mohammed? Or Martin Luther King? Somehow I seriously doubt it!

Anonymous said...

My daughter is a Catholic and a senior in the College of Fine Arts at CMU. Fortunately she wasn't aware of this event (she was actually working that whole weekend). We have not discussed this since she is more focused finishing and getting into the real world.
I must say that as a CMU parent, I have had to respond to a variety of comments about this situation. Some people who thought that they were being humorous insinuated that it was her. Others told me that it was a university issue and not mine (I have paid CMU a small fortune over the past few years).
As a parent, I am not insulated from this. I am also an artist. Art may be free expression but its value is in the interpretation by the beholders. Most artists never live to realize the value of their works.
I feel very bad for President Cohon, who is finishing his tenure at CMU this month. He has done a wonderful job and had this controversy lain on his lap as potentially the defining moment of his legacy.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

It's too bad a grown up didn't tell that young lady her behavior was inappropriate and send her off to get some clothes on. Colleges used to act in loco parentis. Today, the administration acts like the three monkeys and allows outrageous behavior as the norm. Shame on the irresponsible faculty who didn't take action.