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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Penney's Gay Ad Campaign Backfires on CEO - Literally! He's Fired!

I'm not sure how I missed the on-going flap over J.C. Penney's dissing traditional marriage. Maybe it's because in 2012 my new year's resolution was not to buy any clothing so I didn't go into Penney's all year. Maybe it's because I don't watch much TV and rarely see commercials. Since I also get most of my news on the internet from Drudge, and the Catholic portals, maybe Penney's news was down the page. At any rate, I missed it until I posted something on Facebook about a frustrating experience with their on-line site. Pro-life friends slapped me with wet noodles about buying anything from Penney's. (I didn't actually.)

But if earlier Penney's headlines escaped my notice, I did caught the one below about the CEO's firing. Let's hope it heralds a return to sanity at the company because I've always enjoyed their store.

J.C. Penney fires CEO after plummeting sales following gay ad campaign

Maybe gay ad campaigns aren't really all that good for business. Are you listening, Starbucks?