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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Don't You Love it When This Happens:?

Gant Desme left a likely career in the majors to enter St. Michael's Norbertine Abbey in Silverado, CA where he is studying for the priesthood.  It confounds the world to see a young man with a major sports career ahead of him, quit to answer God's call. Of course, they prefer the world with all its empty pomps (and money) and honors (and money). I wonder. Whom would you rather be called by: God or the majors?

But can't you just hear the teenage girls lamenting the loss of  "Fr. What-a-waste?"  I mean handsome and likely to be rich as well. God will bless him for choosing Himself over Mammon. I'm adding Brother Grant to my rosary journal for daily prayers for his vocation to the priesthood. And I love the Norbertine Abbey in Silverado where several priest friends reside. It makes me smile to think of this young man being formed by those holy priests!

Ex-Baseball Phenom Discusses Life in a Norbertine Abbey

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