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Monday, April 29, 2013

Guess Who Has Connections to the Muslim Brotherhood!

...The judge, Marianne Bowler, who went into Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's hospital room to read him his Miranda rights along with a rep from the DOJ. 

What exactly is going on? The agents doing the interrogating were taken by surprise and Tsarnaev immediately stopped cooperating.

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There are lots of strange things about this case in addition to the .
1. The Saudi person of interest almost immediately dropped off the radar screen even after Michelle Obama visited him in his hospital room. 
2. Russia had the brothers and their mom on a watch list. 
3. The pressure cooker bomb is a type that Al Qaeda has used in Pakistan and Afghanistan and they give assembly instructions for would-be terrorists. The level of sophistication has led some authorities to speculate that the brothers needed more than on-line instruction and had help with the bomb's construction.
4. There is growing concern that the brothers had outside help in other ways and did not act alone. There may be plans for more attacks in the U.S. Authorities believe the brothers planned to explode more devices in New York's Times Square.
5. The mom texted family members in 2011 that her older son had been radicalized and was ready to "die for Islam."
6. Why did Obama's DOJ short-circuit the FBI interrogation? Was this one more example of facilitating Islam which seems to be a policy of this administration even when terrorism is involved?

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