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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Planned Parenthood: It's Not Just about Babies in the Womb any More

Planned Parenthood position: If babies are born alive after abortion, leave it up to the doctor (who just tried to kill the baby) and the patient (who hired him to kill) to decide whether the baby gets to live. Now we all know how Kermit Gosnell handled this "problem." He got a scissors and snipped the baby's spine sometimes joking that the baby was almost big enough to walk away. Note how Planned Parenthood's rep danced around every question never giving a straight answer. She couldn't even say a baby on the table, moving and breathing should be given medical care and be transported to a hospital. Obviously Planned Parenthood wants the result to be what the woman and doctor planned at the beginning -- a dead baby. No babies should be allowed to survive abortion! Period. They are non-persons even outside the womb - i.e., as newborns. So if that living, kicking newborn baby on the table doesn't have a right to life, exactly when does a baby merit legal protection?

One last it any wonder mothers are committing infanticide? After all, that baby is their property -- didn't Planned Parenthood say so? And the "health care provider" (killing is health care?) is only there to carry out the mom's wishes. So if there's no health care provider around, why exactly can't the mom finish the job without one. After all, the baby is only two (seconds, minutes, hours, days, months) old and even if she wanted the baby at first isn't it a woman's prerogative to change her mind?

Now you would think the media would cover this story wouldn't you? Hey, the biggest abortion supporter in the country opposing legislation to care for a living, breathing newborn sounds like news to me. But the only ones covering the story are pro-life sources and conservative media. A critical article about media bias at Red State was posted on the Washington Post blog,  (I suppose that's supposed to prove they aren't biased, eh?) but where are the articles? Where's the commentary opposing or defending Planned Parenthood?  There isn't any in the mainstream media that I could find, but we all know where they stand. Silence in the law indicates consent. The media carries water for PP. They always have and apparently there is no PP atrocity with which they won't cooperate. In this case they are covering for PP's appalling position by whistling past the graveyard -- literally. Just kill them like Kermit Gosnell or throw them in the coffin alive and bury them quick.


Old Bob said...

That baby picture breaks my heart.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Me too, especially when you think of this picture being multiplied millions of times. Jonathan Swift said the Irish should "eat their babies" as satire. We do it for real! Makes me sick!

Mona Symone said...

No babies are born moving on a table. Abortions suck the fetus out through a tube. I think late term abortions are sickening, but lies about early terminations seek to gain an emotional response. Yet, these same anti abortionists are anti healthcare, anti funds for education, prowar, and hypocrites.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

There are different kinds of abortions, Mona. In first trimester abortions, the most common surgical method is using a suction catheter. After 12-14 weeks, the baby is too big to suck through a tube. Common methods used were saline abortion which involved injecting a salt solution into the amniotic sac which burnt the baby. (Not used today because of danger to the mother.) But even that method has survivors like Gianna Jessen.

Here's more on methods:

Some late-term abortions involve a 2-day process where laminaria are inserted in the cervix to dilate it the day before the scheduled abortion. That sometimes results in premature birth of a living baby who must be neglected to die or directly killed. Babies born alive are often deliberately smothered.

If you are really interested in the facts of abortion methods check out Warning: this site is graphic. But so is abortion.