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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Judge Dismisses Three Murder Counts against Gosnell

The three murder counts dismissed related to live born babies who were crying and struggling for life. Gosnell snipped their spinal cords to kill them. But apparently it's okay with the judge to murder living babies in cold blood. Wow! I wonder if it's okay to snip the spinal cords of stupid judges. Ya think? Do you think serial killer Gosnell will get off with a wrist slap or maybe a short term for all his killing?

Shocker: Gosnell Judge Dismissed 3 Murder Charges, Five Remain

Oh, and here's what the monster was doing about 40 years ago (See more here.) - using poor women as guinea pigs even before abortion was legalized - which demonstrates once again that the same butchers who were doing illegal abortions (like Milan Vuitch in D.C. and Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia) simply moved their shingles from the back alley to Main Street. Abortion has always been a butcher's practice. Making it legal just opened up the meat market for the butchers to do more business. And the biggest butcher shop in the United States has a Planned Parenthood sign out front. They do about 40% of the abortions with millions of dollars of your tax money!

Raw meat from the butcher shop!

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Brantigny said...

Gosnell is the American Mengele. If he thinks he is escaping a death sentence now, he will be be going down into the pit.