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Friday, April 5, 2013

Federal Judge Orders MAP Restrictions Lifted

A federal judge has ordered all restrictions for the morning after pill be lifted, specifically the requirement for girls 16 and under to need a prescription to obtain the drug. Judge Edward Korman's ruling (eastern district of New York federal court) would make the drug available to all ages, no limits.

Wow! Just think: an adult having sex with a 12-year-old girl child can buy the drug and give it to his little plaything to make sure he's off the hook and can keep his statutory rape their little secret. A 13-year-old girl having sex with her same age boyfriend can just pop the pill like candy after every sex act. Hey, the school nurse can keep a supply in her office for any student who thinks she might need it. The nurse can even hold classroom sessions with the kids letting them know she has it and will provide it no questions asked (to both boys and girls), no pesky sermons. As for parents...well, they don't have the need to know even though if the girl has a bad reaction and ends up in the emergency room they'll be responsible to sign the consent form for her treatment. And if their daughter keeps her little secret from medical staff and dies from an undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy or some other complication, oh well.

No matter that these drugs are strong artificial hormones (and dangerous) with links to breast cancer and worse. Judge Korman won't have to deal with the health tragedies. This is our free sex, anything goes culture, a culture that hates babies in the womb, infants who survive abortion, minor girls being sexually used by older men, stupid college coeds who think their promiscuity is freedom, etc.

This is what the culture of death looks like:

  • a cathouse where physical well-being is irrelevant when perverse pleasures are concerned;
  • a madhouse where, blinded by sin, even atrocities like infanticide are overlooked if necessary to protect perverse pleasures;
  • a hell on earth where real life consequences eventually strip away the facade of freedom and reveal evil for the slavery it is with consequent guild.
Pray for Judge Korman. Some day he will face the real judge and answer for every girl raped and drugged and all of those who succumb to drug-induced cancers. (Not to mention the environmental harm from releasing all these sex hormones into the water supply.) May God have more mercy on Judge Korman than he has for the little minor girls who will be exploited as a result of his ruling.