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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Personal Witness from a Post Aborted Woman...

....shares the rest of the story - a lifetime of regret

"I Know Because I had One..."
by Hannah Smith
Some people may look at me as hypocritical because I am pro-life. This is because on the day I turned 19, I had an abortion. 
I was about five weeks along when I took the RU486 pill. I was a young, naive girl who thought partying and fooling around had no consequences – much like many teens believe. I was in my freshman year of college at an out-of-state university which my parents were paying big bucks for me to attend. 
I came home for Christmas break, and my mother was adamant about me meeting her friend’s son, so I did. I met him, and we partied together, and had sex a few times. One of those times being without a condom. After all, there were no consequences for me. Read more here....

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