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Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Honey of a Story

What are you thinking about right now? I'm thinking about harvesting honey. We didn't think we'd get any this year, but it looks like we will after all. What fun! Check it out and see one of the busy little workers in my garden. I commented to our mentor today that I can't imagine a beekeeper not believing in God. The design and plan of the honeybee colony sure affirm my wonderment at His divine providence! 

And our back yard is flowing with honey. This is the way the hive looked in June, but the population has exploded since then and we have girls flying everywhere. They must be downtown girls, because we see them flying toward Woodstock when they leave the hive. Right now nothing in the yard seems to appeal to their taste. They liked the lavender, but it's finished. I thought they'd go for the butterfly bush and the white clover, but they must like something else better because I haven't seen a single bee on any of those flowers.

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