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Monday, July 29, 2013

Terry McAuliffe for Governor?

I confess, the thought of Terry McAuliffe as Virginia's Governor makes me want to vomit. Here are some quotes from the man who takes the typical Democratic approach to fund raising: Got Big Money? Name your Prize. His selling luncheons with the president and rides on Air Force One remind me of Clinton selling the Lincoln bedroom for a price. Keep in mind that Federal employees may not accept "gifts" from contractors, etc. How come the highest federal employee in the land can accept money by selling access? It stinks. But here's McAuliffe demonstrating in his own words how ethically challenged he is:
"Did I ever ring anyone and say that for $50,000 you can have lunch with the President? Or, for whatever, you can fly on Air Force One? Yes, I did - thousands of times! And so what?” 
“We have got to move past coal. As governor, I never want another coal plant built.” 
“I’ve gone into states like Florida, right-to-work, and hired all union workers." 
“Now let me tell you, it’s a lot easier to raise money for a governor. They have all kinds of business to hand out, road contracts, construction jobs, you name it.” [Wow! And you thought it was illegal to direct government contracts to your buddies?]
"You help me, I'll help you. That's politics."
Here's more about McAuliffe's kind of ethics.  Even rich Democrats balk at his sleaze.

And then there's the way McAuliffe treated his pregnant wife - going to a fundraiser while she was in labor and leaving wife and baby in the car on the way home from the hospital so he could make an appearance at another fundraiser.This is a guy who claims to care about women? He didn't even care about his wife! His crass behavior came to mind this past week when P'GA golfer Hunter Mahan dropped out of the Canadian Open with a two shot lead. Why? He got a phone call on the green that his wife had gone into labor and made a beeline home to be with Kandi and their baby. Now there's a man who cares about his wife.

As for McAuliffe? Like I said he triggers my gag reflex.


Rhonda Atkinson said...

Mary Anne,

This post is so timely for me personally. This past week I've been engaging in some "discussions" at Terry McAuliffe's and Ken Cuccinelli's Facebook pages. I've been trying to change some hearts and minds through honest debate of the issues. It's easy to become disheartened, because the liberals don't seem to want to engage in a real discussion. They just start insulting me and calling me names, and can't provide concrete answers to the valid points I raise. I'm called an "idiot" and "conservative religious nutjob" who is "spouting nothing but right wing talking points." I can say from first hand knowledge that Terry McAuliffe's supporters are bitter, nasty, and full of hate, and not willing to have an honest debate on the issues. Ken Cuccinelli is being smeared, insulted, and called some of the nastiest names I've ever heard. Then they have the nerve to say he won't present their side of the arguments when his staff deletes their comments filled with filthy, vile, and in some cases sacreligious language. Also, I wrote a message to Mr. McAuliffe on his Facebook page telling him that he should be ashamed to call himself a Catholic with his support of abortion and "women's rights." It seems there are some hearts that just will never change. I'm so happy I can come to this blog every day to connect a little with like-minded people. Thanks for all you do here!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Oh no...liberals are tolerant. They are never nasty name-callers. Hahahahahahahahahah!

Mary Hope said...

The liberal media's strategy (and McAuliffe's strategy) is to throw out as many lies about Ken as possible, and hope something sticks.

Here' is an example of how they work and the level of anger and hatred they generate:

A while back, a 47 year old Virginia Man solicited a 17 year old girl for oral sex. She refused him and reported him. He was prosecuted and convicted under Virginia’s “Sodomy Law.”

Since then, the US Supreme Court overturned all state sodomy laws claiming them to be unconstitutional because they violated a person’s right to privacy. However, because the sodomy laws also included crimes against minors, there has been legal precedent around the nation to uphold the convictions of child sex offenders found guilty under the now defunct sodomy laws.

So, following the legal precedent set in other states, A.G. Ken Cuccinelli sought to uphold the conviction of the 47 year old man mentioned above. When Ken filed his request to uphold the conviction, the media pounced on it and claimed he was trying to “reinstate Virginia’s sodomy laws.” Homosexuals around the nation went berserk, the hate started to flow in. Ken received numerous threats and one man threatened to rape the Cuccinelli daughters via the campaign website.

Since then, the media has altered their mantra a bit, and now they claim that Ken is trying to outlaw anal and oral sex. They no longer mention “sodomy.”

This is the level of vitriol a good man in must face if he chooses to run for state wide or national office in today's United States of America.

May God help us.