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Monday, July 29, 2013

Wish We Could Get Bishops to Act Like Men!

The bishops don't seem to mind acting like kids, which, frankly, I don't mind. The adults at our family retreats  (even the men and the priests) had a great time doing the motions to His Banner Over Me is Love. What I DO mind is having the laity having NO luck getting most bishops to act like men and discipline pro-abortion politicians..... It's a lot easier to act like kindergartners playing ring around the rosy which is NOT the duty of a bishop than to "teach, govern, and sanctify" which IS.

Just sayin'.


Jeanne Holler said...

Well said my friend.
I was a little taken back by this to be very honest ....
but hey whom am I ...just trying to grown in holiness and become a Saint which by the way we are all called too.
I agree Our Bishops need to speak the TRUTH and call all to Obedience to the Laws of Jesus Christ and that means NOT giving the Body and Blood to politicans who are openly pro abortion...just sayin!

Consolamini said...

Maybe we could start by getting them to dress like men

Dad Wms said...

Looks like the most exercise many of them have had in a while :-)

Mack Hall, HSG said...

Ah, yes, just like St. Thomas Becket and St. John Fisher.

cwbullets said...

Ring around the rosie next?